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John Renesch - The Great Growing Up. San Francisco, CA, US

John Renesch

author, futurist | The Great Growing Up

San Francisco, CA, UNITED STATES

Senior, experienced global expert on large scale social and organizational transformation.


John Renesch stimulates people to think differently about work, leadership and the future. His latest book is The Great Growing Up in which he points the way to a world that works for everyone. A veteran businessman for over five decades, he's been exploring the field of human consciousness and potentiality since the mid-1970s. Through his numerous articles, 14 books and international keynote speeches, John has become a highly-respected businessman-turned-futurist and renowned global thought-leader.

John is a member of the practitioner faculty for the Center for Leadership Studies, past member and project advisor of the World Future Society, current member and inaugural board chair of the Shaping Tomorrow's Foresight Network and advisory board member of the Sustainable Futures Foundation and Founding Fellow of the Global Collaborators’ Alliance.

John’s articles have appeared in Christian Science Monitor, Corporate Responsibility Magazine, Journal of Values Based Leadership, The Ecologist, The Guardian, Journal of Human Values, and Directors Monthly.

A powerful, engaging and knowledgeable presenter, John has been called a "business visionary" by The Futurist magazine. Stanford’s Michael Ray calls John “a beacon lighting the path of the new paradigm…” Global leadership guru Warren Bennis calls him “a wise elder who shines with wisdom.”

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Bringing Consciousness to Large Scale Social Change


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Building a Conscious Organization

John talks about how leaders today need to be not only skilled in the way to lead, they need to be critical thinkers, possessing the conscious awareness to do the right thing. He underlines the need for more than intellectual know-how. They need heart and soul so they inspire excellence, exceptionalism and commitment.

Understanding Systems and How They Misbehave

Perhaps the least understood mental models while being the most critical for our modern organizations is the dynamics of social systems. John provides examples of linear versus systems approaches to organizational and social dynamics, citing how systems "act up" with some predictability and how best to resolve systems problems.

Building a Conscious Organization

John describes a model for an organization that has a built-in immunity to bureaucracy, assuring greater functionality, attracting people who resonate with higher levels of productivity and who have less tolerance for the BS that is found throughout most organizations.



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