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John Seita - Michigan State University. East Lansing, MI, US

John Seita John Seita

Associate Professor of Social Work | Michigan State University


An expert on the foster care system and the process and problems associated with "aging out" of the system. Also, foster care leadership.


An expert on the foster care system and the process and problems associated with "aging out" of the system. Also, foster care leadership. Seita is a former ward of the Michigan foster care system.

Areas of Expertise (1)

Foster Care

Accomplishments (3)

Michigan Education Trust Award – Foster Care Higher Ed Award (professional)


Foster Care In America - December Face of a Foster Care Graduate (professional)


Named Anne E. Casey National Foster Care Alumni of the Year (professional)


Education (3)

Western Michigan University: Ph. D., Education 1993

Western Michigan University: M.A., Educational Leaderhsip 1987

Western Michigan University: B.S., Sociology 1983

Affiliations (3)

  • Reclaiming Youth International Board Member
  • Advisory Board - Michigan State University - Children's Law/Social Work Program
  • Board President. William Gladden Foundation, Fla.

Journal Articles (3)

Reclaiming Disconnected Kids

Reclaiming Children and Youth

John Seita

2014 I got what I wanted: to be left alone to wallow in my pain. The Prodigal Son defies his father, Romeo and Juliet deceive their parents, and Huck Finn foils his foster mother and rafts away on the river. The rejected child may avoid shows of friendliness such as physical closeness, smiling, and eye contact with the protective belief" I don't want to be hurt again."[...]

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Reclaiming Family Privilege

Reclaiming Children and Youth

John Seita

2012 Maybe an equally important quest is to explore the tangible disadvantages of not having a well-functioning family, or any family at all.[...] if a child lacks family privilege, is there any mechanism to compensate for this loss? Parents who provide consistent affection, emotional and physical safety, boundaries, limits and expectations, opportunities, role modeling, belonging, safety, unconditional love, and spiritual values foster the healthy development of Family Privilege...

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Missing Data: Discovering the Private Logic of Adult-Wary Youth

Reclaiming Children & Youth

John Seita

2010 The best expert on a troubled youth is that young person, but often that voice is silenced and hidden behind angry, avoidant, or manipulative behavior. the author is a former troubled youth who is now a university professor who trains professionals to connect with challenging children and youth...

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