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Jon Mase - Suffern, NY. Suffern, NY, US

Jon Mase

Animator | Suffern, NY


Jon Mase is an animator residing in Suffern, NY. He creates custom artwork for you. Please inquire. He goes by Jon Mase, not Jonathan Mase.





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Hi! I am Jon Mase. I live in Suffern, NY. I moved to the Town of Ramapo in Rockland County, New York from Japan in and I settled in Suffern. My name in Japanese is ジョン・間瀬 which sounds a lot like Jon Mase (not Jonathan Mase). I am an animator and I make custom artwork.

I have lived in the Chūgoku region of Japan all of my life close to Hiroshima (yes that Hiroshima!). I am fluent in English but living in Suffern is very strange to me because I have never left Japan. I planned my departure from Japan as I completed secondary school and I am thinking of attending university here in order to make friends and learn more about digital animation.

Please see my new social media websites and follow me so I may meet new people. Suffern, NY is a very quiet place and New York City is so expensive (but wonderful!)

Please inquire about Jon Mase's custom artwork!

Hoping to meet you online,
ジョン・間瀬 "Jon Mase"

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Jon Mase in Suffern, NY (personal)


Jon Mase moved to Suffern, NY from Japan independently! He had never even left Japan before. He is excited and nervous. Jon Mase wants to make new friends in the Suffern, New York area and to continue pursuing animation.

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Rockland Community College: N/A, Communication Media Arts

I have studied at Rockland Community College but have not graduated yet. Maybe soon! Buying Jon Mase's custom artwork would help him to finish his studies.

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Jon Mase (not Jonathan Mase), Animator in Suffern, NY | Jon Mase

Jon Mase is an animator in Suffern, NY 10901.

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Jon Mase Sample Self Portrait

Suffern, NY  online


Jon Mase (not Jonathan Mase) is an animator living in Suffern, NY 10901. Please inquire for your needs or pleasure. Jon Mase will create custom artwork around the Suffern, NY area.

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