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Jon Metzler - Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley. Berkeley, CA, US

Jon Metzler Jon Metzler

Lecturer | Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley


Expert on strategy for the networked economy, competitive advantage in technology markets, and international business



Areas of Expertise (9)


5G Networks

Tech, Telecom and Media Strategy

Sharing Economies and Aging Economies

Competitive Strategy

Models for Corporate Innovation

Business in Japan

Strategy for the Networked Economy



Jon Metzler is a lecturer at Berkeley Haas, where he teaches on competitive advantage in technology markets, and on international business at the undergraduate and MBA levels. He is also associated faculty for the UC Berkeley for Center for Japanese Studies. He has received grant funding from the UC Berkeley Center for Japanese Studies, and from the UC Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity. Metzler is also faculty mentor at Berkeley Skydeck, an accelerator for Berkeley-affiliated startups.





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Vested Podcast, Episode #6: 5G


Education (3)

University of Michigan: B.A., Japanese & Asian Studies

University of California, Berkeley - Haas School of Business: M.B.A, Asian Studies

University of California - Berkley: M.A., Asian Studies

Selected External Service & Affiliations (5)

  • 2015-present: board of directors, Japan Society of Northern California; 2017-2020: board chair
  • 2007-2015: board of directors, Stern Grove Festival Association
  • 2009-2017: member, Telecom Council of Silicon Valley
  • 2005-2009: contributor, Advanced Television Systems Committee
  • 2005-2009: contributor, National Emergency Number Association

Positions Held (1)

At Haas since 2014

2014 - present, Lecturer, Haas School of Business 2008 - present: Founder, Blue Field Strategies 2002 - 2010: Director, Rosum Corporation

Media Appearances (4)

Seamster.io #EdgeTalks​ - 5G & Security

Seamster.io  radio


Lecturer Jon Metzler said the sheer amount of applications being touted for 5G means it's time to take a hard look at security risks, as well as the hardware demands of a new system. "Is the industry ready for what that means?" he asked.

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Amazon plans to put more than 3,000 communications satellites into orbit

Univision  online


Amazon has a plan to bring high-speed, low-latency broadband service to places outside the reach of traditional fiber or wireless networks. There are both pros and cons to the project, said Berkeley Haas Lecturer Jon Metzler. “There are two types of congestion in space: physical congestion (thousands of satellites) and visual congestion (light pollution that could alter the vision of countless astronomical targets) and those are real problems," he said. "But on the other hand, the Amazon project does include a plan to dismantle and deorbit a satellite within a year after its useful life."

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Why Comcast purchased Irvine ad-supported streaming service Xumo

Los Angeles Times  online


There's a growing interest by large media companies in buying ad-supported streaming services, as customers look for free alternatives to watch TV shows and movies on demand. Berkeley Haas Lecturer Jon Metzler said he expects to see even more ad-supported streaming companies to get snapped up. “This feels like the beginning, not the end of consolidation,” he said.

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Why Nestlé's launching a premium Kit-Kat

Marketplace  online


It's no accident that Nestlé has chosen Japan as a test ground for a new premium, dark chocolate Kit-Kat, said Lecturer Jon Metzler. "It's a wondrous test ground for new flavors of Kit-Kats that, if you've only been in the U.S., you'd never think about." Novelty flavors such as wasabi, sake, and cherry blossom are served as delicacies in restaurants and are popular with tourists. (Begins at 17:07)

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Selected Papers & Publications (7)

Security Implications of 5G Networks

Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity


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Six years after the iPhone launched, just 4 big carriers are left standing


Jon Metzler


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Girls Who Code Plans to Nurture 70,000 Women Programmers” (Japanese)

Nikkei Information Strategy

Jon Metzler


What is the Value of a ‘Like’? (Japanese)

Nikkei Information Strategy

Jon Metzler


This is Not a Test: The Future of the Emergency Alert System

Inside GNSS


VoIP E9-1-1: Potential Solutions and Some Lessons from the Wireless E9-1-1 Experience

9-1-1 Magazine

Jon Metzler


Compressed Evolution: High Tech Entrepreneurship in Japan – A Comparative Study with Silicon Valley

University of California - Berkeley