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I am the Director of Communications at Story Worldwide, a global content marketing agency. We help brands tell their stories and reach audiences by creating engaging content and delivering that content across a variety of media platforms.

I direct the corporate communications strategy in the areas of social media engagement, audience generation, and web content. Basically, I’m making Story famous. You can find part of the fruits of my labor at, our blog chronicling storytelling, marketing and advertising in this post-advertising age.

I’m also the Founder and Chief Simplicity Officer of Presentation Advisors, a presentation design firm and consultancy. Storytelling is just as important in presenting as it is in marketing. I help clients of all shapes and sizes visually engage their audiences and tell their stories more simply and effectively. I even created a presentation about social media for business that is kind of a big deal.

Before marketing I was a true visual storyteller – working in television and video production. I worked in a media production house at a University as a videographer and editor, as well as an assistant professor in studio television. I even started my own wedding videography company. I still remember the looks on the bride and groom’s faces when they’d see their video for the first time…


As a marketer, presentation designer, and all around storyteller, there’s no surprise that I love to speak. I’ve given presentations on topics like effective presentation design, personal branding in social media, and brand storytelling at conferences including the School of WOM and the Presentation Summit.

I am a passionate speaker, priding myself on engaging, educating and entertaining audiences. I speaks to audiences big and small about topics addressing the world of presentations, marketing, storytelling and social media. Whether it’s about how companies can effectively engage their audiences and drive new business through social media or how storytelling is a crucial part of presentation design, Jon puts his heart into every presentation because every presentation counts.

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Dr. Carmen Taran, Executive Coach | The Presentation Summit

I attended Jon’s presentation three months ago and I still remember several items from his presentation: he shared a video from the author of Dream Society, he told a personal story, and he convinced us that by using stories, which promote transparency, there is no need to do any “selling”. If you multiply 90 days x 3,000 messages daily, that’s a lot of information I’ve been exposed to since Jon’s presentation. And yet some pieces remain alive and strong in my mind. Way to go, Jon! Thank you for showing us that it IS possible to create messages that stick.

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Brand Storytelling Workshop

School of WOM  Chicago, IL