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Jonathan Doh, PhD - Villanova University. Villanova, PA, US

Jonathan Doh, PhD

Senior Associate Dean for Research, Faculty Advancement and Global Engagement; Herbert G. Rammrath Endowed Chair in International Business; Professor, Management & Operations | Villanova University


Jonathan Doh, PhD, is an expert in international business, global leadership and corporate social responsibility



Jonathan Doh, PhD Publication Jonathan Doh, PhD Publication Jonathan Doh, PhD Publication Jonathan Doh, PhD Publication Jonathan Doh, PhD Publication



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Jonathan Doh: Do MNEs contribute to, or reduce inequality? VSB's Center for Global Leadership Celebrates its 10th Anniversary



Areas of Expertise (12)



Strategic Alliances


Cross-cultural Management;

Business Ethics

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Emerging Markets

International Management

International Trade

Latin America



Jonathan Doh, PhD, is Associate Dean of Research, Rammrath Chair in International Business, Faculty Director of the Center for Global Leadership, and Professor of Management at the Villanova School of Business. He is a prolific scholar and author in the fields of international business, trade, strategic management and corporate responsibility. Dr. Doh has been a visiting professor at universities in Europe and Asia and served as a trade official with the U.S. Department of Commerce, with responsibilities related to NAFTA. He has also served as Senior Associate at the Center for Strategic & International Studies and consulting Adviser to Deloitte & Touche Tohmatsu International.

He is author or co-author of more than 75 refereed articles published in leading scholarly and practitioner journals, 35 chapters in scholarly edited volumes, and a dozen teaching cases and simulations, and co-author or co-editor of eight books. Since 1998, Jonathan has presented more than 80 papers and organized or served as chair or discussant for more than 30 panel sessions at meetings of the Academy of Management (AOM), the Academy of International Business (AIB), and Strategic Management Society (SMS).

Education (3)

The George Washington University: PhD

State University of New York - Albany: MA

State University of New York - Plattsburgh: BA

Select Accomplishments (7)

Ranked 12th Most Prolific International Business Scholar (professional)

Period of 2001-2010

Elected Fellow, Academy of International Business (professional)


Elected to the Academy of Management Organizational and Natural Environment Division (ONE) Executive Committee (professional)

Served as PDW Chair (2012), Program Chair (2013), Division Chair-Elect (2014), Division Chair (2015), and Past Division Chair (2016).

Grand Prize, Dr. Alfred N. and Lynn Manos Page Prize for Sustainability Issues in Business Curricula (professional)


Richard Beckhard Prize for Outstanding Paper in Change and Organizational Development (professional)

Awarded for “The High Impact of Collaborative Social Initiatives,” published in Sloan Management Review

Awarded Second Place for the 2013 Oikos Foundation Award for Corporate Sustainability (professional)


Gold Medal Award (professional)

U.S. Department of Commerce

Affiliations (10)

  • Fellow of the Academy of Management
  • General Editor, Journal of Management Studies
  • Editor in Chief, Journal of World Business
  • Consulting Advisor, Deloitte & Touche Tohmatsu International, Global Energy Resources Group
  • Consulting Editor, Long Range Planning
  • Co-Editor-in-Chief, MRN International Environment of Global Business
  • Consulting Editor, Journal of International Business Studies
  • Senior Associate, Center for Strategic & International Studies
  • Senior Nonresident Fellow, Emerging Markets Institute, China-Europe International Business Schools (CEIBS), Shanghai, China
  • Affiliate, Emerging Markets Internationalization Research Group, University of Sydney Business School, Sydney, Australia

Select Media Appearances (5)

New U.S.-Japan trade deal benefits some farmers and e-commerce



The U.S. and Japan have signed a new trade agreement. … But one sticking point isn’t covered by the new agreement, says Jonathan Doh, a professor at Villanova University.

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Bummed by Starbucks' price hike? Here's how much it costs to make your coffee

NBC News  online


Additionally, as Jonathan Doh, PhD, professor of management & operations, international business department chair; associate dean of research and faculty director of the center for global leadership at Villanova School of Business points out, the price increase was probably planned well before the scandal that led to the training.

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Why are We Afraid of Cuba?

Huffington Post  online


Cuba is at a crossroads. Yet it seems some in the United States are hesitant to take the next step, fearful of what could happen if we actively engage and participate in what will undoubtedly be a profound transition. Some of this hesitation appears to emanate from fear. In my view, this fear is wholly unfounded. On the contrary, Cuba poses no threat to the United States, but may provide opportunity, with great potential for commercial interactions, educational exchange, and broader social integration between our two countries.

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Don’t Scapegoat Trade

Huffington Post  online


This Presidential election cycle has emerged as one of the most unusual in recent years, and not only for the obvious reasons. For the first time since before World War II, both candidates are seriously questioning the benefits of freer trade. And both Vice Presidential nominees, each a long-time supporter of freer trade, have been forced to back-track in order to align their position with their running mates.

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The World Is Their Workplace

The New York Times  online


International work-study is most common in business schools. Jonathan Doh, an associate professor of business at Villanova and director of the Center for Global Leadership, tells students to start early and intern often — at home or abroad. Promising freshmen are invited to take part in the Global Citizens Program, which includes a yearlong course geared toward understanding business practices in either London or Singapore, where they spend 10 weeks in classes (15 credits) and 6 weeks at a full-time internship (3 credits) during their second semester.

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Select Academic Articles (5)

International business responses to institutional voids

Journal of International Business Studies

Jonathan Doh, Suzana Rodrigues, Ayse Saka-Helmhout, Mona Makhija


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Corporate Political Activity and Regulatory Capture

Journal of Management

Michael Hadani, Jonathan P. Doh, Marguerite A. Schneider


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Guest Editors’ Introduction: Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Developing Country Multinationals

Business Ethics Quarterly

Jonathan Doh, Bryan W. Husted, Xiaohua Yang


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Absorptive Capacity of Emerging Economy Firms: Rationalization, Professionalism and Isomorphism

Academy of Management

Kathleen Yi Jia Low, Jonathan P Doh, James A. Robins


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The world of global business 1965–2015: Perspectives on the 50th anniversary issue of the Journal of World Business: Introduction to the special issue

Journal of World Business

Jonathan P.Doh, Fred Luthans, John Slocum


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