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Jongwoo Jeremy Kim - Carnegie Mellon University. Pittsburgh, PA, US

Jongwoo Jeremy Kim

Associate Professor | Carnegie Mellon University


Jongwoo Jeremy Kim is a specialist of modern and contemporary art addressing issues concerning gender, race and sexuality.


Jongwoo Jeremy Kim is a specialist of modern and contemporary art addressing issues concerning gender, race and sexuality. His work debunks the canonical, white narratives of modern and contemporary art, exploring the fragility, failure, misdirection and misalignment at the core of Western artmaking. His previous research and publications dealt with modernism outside of France in the West, colonial sexual exploitation between non-Western nations, the dysfunction of the white man and his family and the incoherence of white male bodies. His new book Male Bodies Unmade (University of California Press, 2023) treats what the 20-century representations of cisgender gay white masculinity mean to queer, Asian-American immigrants.

Areas of Expertise (4)

Male Bodies

Contemporary Art

Gender, Race, & Sexuality

Modern Art



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AICA Art Writing Futures A View from the United States vf



Education (5)

Institute of Fine Arts at New York University: Ph.D, Art History 2007

Northwestern University:: M.A., Art History 2000

Yonsei University: B.A., English Literature 1999

Institute of Fine Arts at New York Universit: M.A., Art History 2001

New York University: B.A., Art History 1998

Affiliations (4)

  • Historians of British Art
  • Queer Caucus for Art
  • The North American Victorian Studies Association
  • The College Art Association

Languages (2)

  • English
  • Korean

Event Appearances (5)

Speaker, c. 1600-1900, Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts

(2021) Art Academics: Europe and the Americas  Munich, Germany

Led a conversation with the artist Sutapa Biswas on Lumen (2021) and British colonialism

(2022) Radical Victorians: Race, Labor, Identity  The Frick Pittsburgh

Panelist, “Art Writing Futures”

(2021) Association Internationale des Critiques d'Art (AICA-USA)  

Speaker, c. 1600-1900, Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts

(2022) Art Academics: Europe and the Americas  Washington, DC

Panelist, “Queer Desires, Trans Desires & Desirelessness”

(2021) Queer/Feminist/Praxis | Intersections of Performance, Visual Arts, and Activism in Korea and the Korean Diaspora  Rhode Island School of Design

Articles (5)

Pictures-within-Pictures in Nineteenth-Century Britain

Victorian Studies

2018 Roach focuses on five artists—John Scarlett Davis, JMW Turner, John Everett Millais, Emma Brownlow King, and William Powell Frith—who produced some of the most significant examples of such pictures. Roach shows that, integral to their amusement, these paintings had (and still have) a serious and generally conservative social function. By displaying pictorial pedigrees laboriously traced back to Raphael, Anthony van Dyck, Joshua Reynolds, and so on, pictures-within-pictures encourage a reverence that reasserts class stratification.

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Picturing the Edwardian Family Man: The Nicholsons at Home

Art History

2019 (Mr Darling arrives […]. He is really a good man as breadwinners go […]. In the city where he sits on a stool all day, as fixed as a postage stamp, he is so like all the others on stools that you recognize him not by his face but by his stool, but at home the way to gratify him is to say that he has a distinct personality. He is very conscientious, and in the days when Mrs Darling gave up keeping the house books correctly and drew pictures instead (which he called her guesses), he did all the totting up for her, holding her hand while he calculated whether they could have Wendy or not, and coming down on the right side.

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Pre-Raphaelite Masculinities: Constructions of Masculinity in Art and Literature

Victorian Studies

2016 There is no doubt that scholars, including myself, will consult Yeates’s wellorganized and well-researched essay for the vile examples in which Victorian England pathologized, shamed, and oppressed variants of the male sex and their representations, but Yeates misses an opportunity to inform her readers of her scholarly position on the history of sexes, in which there is no neutrality that does not favor the oppressor.

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Filming the Queerness of Comfort Women: Byun Young-Joo's The Murmuring, 1995

Positions: East Asia Cultures Critique

2014 This essay does not concern the history of comfort women per se; rather, it treats disruption and transgression in the discourse of comfort women, as filmmaker Byun Young-Joo sets in motion in The Murmuring (1995). This essay is particularly concerned with Byun's visual language in The Murmuring, which exceeds or is independent of the film's dialogue and narration, spoken to defy and subvert the tyranny of the social norms that regulate gender and sexuality.

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City of Gold and Mud: Painting Victorian London by Nancy Rose Marshall

Victorian Studies

2015 The theoretical underpinnings of Nancy Rose Marshall’s City of Gold and Mud: Painting Victorian London are compelling and urgent for newer generations of art historians who specialize in nineteenth-century Britain—or any form of modernism and modernity of that period and beyond. Marshall rightly asserts that “pictures can productively be read against themselves,” and “their ostensible, often overdetermined and obvious reiterations of hegemonic ideologies” are rarely stable.

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