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Joni Siani - Manhattanville College. Purchase, NY, US

Joni Siani Joni Siani

Visiting Assistant Professor, Communications and Media, Manhattanville College | Manhattanville College


Siani was an early predictor on the shaping effects of digital communication behavior on individuals and society




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The Innovation Room: Celling Your Soul - No App for Life with Joni Siani Celling Your Soul Celling Your Soul (Trailer) Celling Your Soul with Joni Siani




Joni Siani, Media and Communications scholar, has been working as a social scientist, broadcast journalist, dynamic lecturer, author, filmmaker, radio personality and higher education instructor throughout Boston and New York. Her highly acclaimed worked on the shaping effects of digital socialization is presented in the award winning documentary Celling Your Soul, honored as a selected film for the American Psychological Association conference in 2018.

Siani is an Assistant Professor at Manhattanville College in the greater New York City area. Siani was an early predictor on the shaping effects of digital communication behavior on individuals and society. She is a passionate advocate of Media Literacy, Truthfulness in News and The Psychology of Digital Socialization. Siani is currently screening her film Celling Your Soul (Bullfrog Films) and bringing her No App For Life program to schools all across the country. Her compare and contrast strategies empower those most affected by the digital demands and excessive media consumption.

Siani is available for lectures and expert speaker on the topic of Digital Socialization, Cyber Bullying, Social Media Protocol, Truth in Journalism/Propaganda in the Digital Age, Personal and Business Communication and as a consultant on educational curriculum for communication skills and interpersonal development in the digital age.
For more information or to book an event, visit NoAppForLife.com or Bullfrog Films at the link below.

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Digital Communication Behavior

Social Media

Digital Communication

Digital Socialization

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Effects on Teens

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Cambridge College: M.Ed., Psychology 2008

Newbury College: B.A., Communications 2004

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Tools and Hope for Teen Digital Dependency

Patch.com  online


“This is a unique solution-oriented film and program, a forum that goes beyond ‘good or bad’ because it focuses on a productive conversation and offers clear strategies to implement in schools, home and life,” explained filmmaker and Manhattanville professor Joni Siani. “Parents need to hear how kids really feel about their digitally demanding world from the kids themselves and kids need to learn how to feel better, happier, more fulfilled and truly connected. Devices won’t give them those feelings -- only valuable human connections and relationships.”

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Filmmaker visits Berks to warn of perils of social media overload

Reading Eagle  online


Endless scrolling on Twitter and Facebook, the reliance on texting and apps to make plans, and the need to like filtered photos online are new phenomena, said Joni Siani, an assistant professor at Manhattanville College, Purchase, N.Y. "The first digitally socialized generation is clearly the canary in the mineshaft," she said.

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Schools seek balance for cellphones in class

Boston Globe  online


“You’ll get kids saying, ‘I’ll look something up for English, and while I’m here let me quickly check my Instagram or Twitter feed.’ And then it’s, ‘Oh, I never realized this girl said that to me,’ and now they’re distracted and not really engaged with their lesson plan,” said Joni Siani, a Braintree psychologist and author of “Celling Your Soul: No App for Life,” about how digital media affect young people.

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Documentary Premiere – Celling your Soul: No App for Life

Media Literacy Now  online


The documentary was written, produced and directed by Media Scholar and Braintree resident Joni Siani. Siani was inspired to research this topic while a college professor teaching Communications during the launch of the digital revolution. Siani says “my classroom conversations turned into hours of Facebook therapy! I listened to students struggling with these uncharted experiences of public humiliation, judgmental and mean spirited posts and a loss of control.”

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