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José García-Moreno - Loyola Marymount University. Los Angeles, CA, US

José García-Moreno

Professor of Animation, School of Film and Television | Loyola Marymount University


Multiple Award Winning Artist







José (1961) was born in Mexico City. He studied at the world-renowned film school in Prague, FAMU, and worked as an apprentice at the animation studios Bratři v Triku (Brothers in Trick) where he directed his first professional film under the historical Czech brand, founded by Jiří Trnka.
He completed his education with a Masters in Fine Arts at UCLA.
During the 1980s, he was the producer and creative director of at least two of the most successful radio stations in Mexico City, including Rock 101 and Opus 94.
His films have been screened and awarded in film festivals around the world: Annecy, Anima Mundi, Clairmont-Ferrand, Guadalajara, Cannes, and others. He has received prizes at La Habana, Toronto, San Francisco, Mexico, Montreal, and Japan.
He has been nominated to the Ariel by the Mexican Film Academy and received the Fulbright Scholarship and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Grant.
In 2010 he was named one of the "Academic Leaders of the World” by the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores, Monterrey (ITESM) where he coproduced four student short films on the theme of slavery and human trafficking with the support of CAST (Coalition for the Abolition of Slavery and Human Trafficking).
In 2012, he was appointed by the new President of Loyola Marymount University as part Strategic Planning Committee and also as chair of the Strategic Committee for Internationalization. He has also served as chair of the Animation Department at Loyola Marymount University.
He has been a jury for Mexican National Endowment for the Arts (FONCA) and also for the McLaren-Lambart Award.
The National University of México (UNAM) published in 2013 his observations on narrative techniques and visual storytelling.
His animated films are part of the collections of the Colombian National Library, Luis Arango, and the Federal German Film Catalogue.
In 2018, he received the Kennedy Center Theater Festival "Meritorious Animation Award for a Theater Play".
His body of work has an entry in the influential book "Animation, A World History" by Giannalberto Bendazzi.
In 2020, he was appointed as the Director of the ACTI, the Academy of Catholic Thought and Imagination at Loyola Marymount University.
In 2023, his film "Long is the Way to Heaven" was chosen to be part of the official program of the most important animation festival in the world, the Annecy International Film Festival, "as part of the history of Mexican animation and its legacy".

Education (4)

University of California Los Angeles: M.F.A., Animation

Universidad Iberoamericana: B.A., Communication Arts.

Université de la Sorbonne: Certificat de la Langue (Language Certificate), Culture Francaise (French Culture)

FAMU, Filmová a Televizní Fakulta Akademie Múzickych Umení v Praze (Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague): Professional Degree, Animation 1999

Degree offered in conjunction with Kratky Film Barrandov, Bratri V Triku Animation Studios and Charles University, Prague, Czechoslovakia

Areas of Expertise (5)

Radio Broadcasting and Production


Stop Motion and Experimental Animation (2d and 3d)

Storytelling and Storyboarding

History of Animation

Industry Expertise (8)



Training and Development



Fine Art

Motion Pictures and Film

Print Media

Accomplishments (33)

Surrealismus und Animation. Animation Installation at the KHM, Cologne, Germany (professional)


https://exmedia.khm.de/workshop-surrealismus-und-animation/ Conferenz: 23.04.2019 Workshop puppet-animation: 24 .und 25.04.2019 KHM Animationstudio / Filzengraben 18-24, Cologne, Germany. The goal of this animation workshop resides on the idea of tactility and relation to the animated object through the lens of the Surrealist avant-garde movement. Historical and artistic references would be made to Central European animation, especially Czech auteurs like Jan Svankmajer.

Breaking the Glass Frame, Speaker (professional)


The Symposium was hosted in partnership with the UCLA Animation Workshop, CalArts, and Women in Animation (WIA). The Symposium is organized by USC Animation & Digital Arts. https://www.breakingtheglassframe.com

Kennedy Center Award (professional)


Kennedy Center Theater Festival, Meritorious Award of Animation for a Theater Play. Producers: David Garden and Jose Garcia Moreno. “Emperor of the Moon”, Barnelle Theater, Los Angeles, CA. Stop Motion Animation.

Animation 3D Mapping Installation and Day of the Dead Altar, Dolores Olmedo Museum (professional)


2016. Los Huesos Tienen Memoria / Bones Have Memory. Animation Art Installation at Mexican premier museum, Dolores Olmedo. Animation 3D Mapping Projection on a Ten Sugar Skulls Altar or "Tzompantli". Day of the Dead art installation in collaboration with Mexican artist, Betsabé Romero. Mexico CIty.

The Non-Urgency of Animation or How to Jump Out of a Vehicle in Motion


2018. Academic Journal Article on animation and autism. “The Non-Urgency of Animation or How to Jump Out of a Vehicle in Motion”, Kronoscope 18 (2018), Brill Publishers, Leiden, Netherlands

Critical Theory and Photography, Book Co-Author. (professional)


“T.C. y Fotografía. Imposible de Mirar. Catalizadores de la Fotografía Contemporánea: Atrocidad, Bestialidad y Narcisismo” in Nicht fur immer! ¡No es para siempre! Mier, Raymundo y Polidori, Ambra, editors. Gedisa Editorial and Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (Barcelona): 2017 ISBN: 9788416919468

VR Exhibition, National Observatory Ixtli. Mexico City (professional)


2018. Virtual Reality Drawing Exhibition. “Dimensiones Inasibles, Dibujo en Realidad Virtual”, Ixtli Observatory, National University Mexico (UNAM). As part of the PAPIME program. Mexico.

Jury, Animasivo International Animation Film Festival (professional)


IX Animasivo, Festival de Animación Contemporánea. Ciudad de México. 2016. Mexico City.

Conference Speaker, 2015 Animation Educators Forum, ASIFA, USA (professional)

2015. Conference Speaker. “A Curricular Innovation that Redefined LMU Animation”. 2105 Animation Educators Forum, ASIFA (Association International du Film d´Animation). Animation Education: Six Effective Strategies. USA.

Book, "Drawing for Animation. From Script to Screen" (professional)

2013. "Animando al Dibujo. Del Guión a la Pantalla" (Drawing for Animation. From Script to Screen). José García Moreno, Tania de León, et. Al. Publishers: Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas, (National Academy of Fine Arts ) UNAM. ISBN: 9786070247736

Jury, McLaren-Lambart Award, USA (professional)

2011. Jury, McLaren-Lambart Award. Society of Animation Studies. Los Angeles, California. USA.

International Conference Speaker, Morocco (professional)

2011. Conference Speaker. Les Rencontres Sous la Tente, (Rencontres Internationales desÉcoles de Cinéma) Second International Film Schools Festival, Ourzazate, Morocco. (“The Importance of Facial Expressions for Animation Performance”). Institut Spécialisé dans les Métiers du Cinéma, Vivendi, and France Volontaires. Morocco.

DVD. Anthology of 25 Years of Animated Stories. Mexican Film Institute (professional)

2010. “25 Años de Historias Animadas. Cortometrajes de Animación. Edición de Colección. Volumen 1.”, José Ángel García Moreno, et Alt. Mexico: CONACULTA, Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía, CinemaFilms ISBN: 968-5042-16-0

International Academic Leader, 2010, México (professional)

2010. Distinguished as one of the International Academic Leaders. Insituto Mexicano de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM). Animation Production Project: Production of 4 short animated films (Sex Trafficking, Agricultural Servitude, Domestic Servitude, and Child Slavery). In coproduction with CAST (Coalition for the Abolition of Slavery and Human Trafficking) and the Insitituto de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), campus Guadalajara. México-USA.

Animadrid Film Festival, Official Selection, Spain (professional)

2008. Official Selection/ Retrospective. Animadrid 2008, International Animation Film Festival. Mexican Animation Retrospective. (“Open on Sundays, Largo es el Camino al Cielo, Catrina Posada y la Gran Piedra”). Madrid, Spain.

Festival de Cannes, Short Film Corner, France (professional)

2008. Short Film Corner Competition Selection, Festival de Cannes, France. “Dreams of War”.

Winner Stop Motion Animated Film, Creanimax Film Festival, Guadalajara (professional)

2006. Winner First Prize. Best Stop Motion Animated Film, Creanimax Animation Festival, “Catrina Posada y la Gran Piedra”, Guadalajara, Mexico.

Museo de Arte Latinoamericano, Film Exhibition, Argentina (professional)

2006. Exhibition of Short Films at the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jury, National Endowment for the Arts, México (professional)

2002. Jury. National Endowment for the Arts. (Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes/Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes/ National Endowment for the Arts). México.

World Animation Celebration, Official Selection, Los Angeles, USA (professional)

2001. Official Selection in Competition. World Animation Celebration. Los Angeles, CA. "Catrina Posada and the Big Stone (Catrina Posada y la Gran Piedra"). USA.

Anima Mundi, Official Selection, Brazil (professional)

2001. Official Selection in Competition. Anima Mundi 2001. Rio de Janeiro/Sao Paulo, Brasil. "Catrina Posada and the Big Stone (Catrina Posada y la Gran Piedra")

Grant Winner, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation / CONACULTA (professional)

2000. Grant Winner. John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Grant, Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, Instituto Latinoamericano de Comunicación Educativa, Canal 22 TV. "Catrina Posada and the Big Stone". México-USA.

Clermont-Ferrand, Official Selection Film Festival, France (professional)

2000. Official Selection. International Short Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand.."Cocktail Molotov". France.

Annecy International Film Festival, Official Selection, France (professional)

2000. Official Selection. Festival International du film d´animation, Annecy ."Cocktail Molotov". France.

Anima Mundi, Official Selection Film Festival. Brazil (professional)

1999.Official Program in Competition. 7o. Festival Internacional de Animaçao do Brasil. Anima Mundi, Rio de Janeiro. "Long Is the Way to Heaven". Brasil

International Design Award, San Francisco, USA (professional)

1999. BDA International Design Award (Broadcast Desginers Association,BDA-PROMAX). "Carteleras Pintores. Canal Once TV." San Francisco, California, USA

Book. Homenaje al Lápiz (An Homage to the Pencil), Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Institute of Fine Arts), México (professional)

1999. “Homenaje al Lápiz (Homage to the Pencil)”, José Luis Cuevas, Carlos Fuentes, José Ángel García Moreno, et. Alt.; Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, Museo José Luis Cuevas, Italia: Landucci Editores, Milan, Italy ISBN: 970-18-2992-1

Ariel Nomination, Mexican Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (professional)

1999. Official Nomination to the Ariel (Mexican Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) for Best Animated Short Film: "Largo es el Camino al Cielo" ("Long Is the Way to Heaven").

International Design Award, Canada (professional)

1998. BDA International Design Award (Broadcast Desginers Association,BDA-PROMAX). "Cartelera Canal Once TV". Toronto, Canada.

Special Jury Award, Festival internacional de Cine, México (professional)

1999. Special Jury Award at the Festival Internacional de Cine de la Ciudad de México. "Cocktail Molotov". México.

Winner Film Festival, Animation Coral, Festival del Cine Latinoamericano, Cuba (professional)

1998. Coral de Animación. "Long Is the Way to Heaven". Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano de La Habana, Cuba.

Winner, National Competition for Screenwriting, Mexican Film Institute (IMCINE) (professional)

1997. Winner National Competition for Screenwriting/ Short Films, Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (CNCA) y el Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía (IMCINE). México

Fulbright Scholarship, USA (professional)

1993. Fulbright Scholarship. Animation Workshop, School of Film and Television, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). USA.

Affiliations (1)

  • ASIFA Association International du Film d' Animation

Languages (4)

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Czech
  • French

Media Appearances (4)

Interview by Radio Prague, Czech Republic

Radio Prague  radio


Interview with Radio Prague, Czech Republic

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The Benefits of Procrastination

Michael Hernandez. Changing the Narrative. First Season.  online


Interview with Michael Hernandez, Changing the Narrative. You may also find it at...Anchor https://anchor.fm/change-the-narrative/episodes/The-Benefits-of-Procrastination-e46cri

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Screenings and Exhibitions in the International Day of Animation.

Gaceta, UNAM  print


2014. René Tijerino. “Proyecciones y Exposiciones en el Dia Mundial de la Animación” (“Screenings and Exhibitions at the International Day of Animation”, article at GACETA de la UNAM magazine. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

Media Appearance Image

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Loyola Marymount University's José García-Moreno Discusses Applying Universal Knowledge to Animation

Animation Career Review  online


"Overlooking the Pacific from the bluffs of Los Angeles sits Loyola Marymount University, a gem in animation education that we’re taking a closer look at today. Working within the framework of the school’s Jesuit tradition, LMU’s Animation curriculum emphasizes critical thinking with a classical approach. Students combine rigorous core studies with courses in all elements of modern animation- beginning with traditional techniques and advancing into digital, multi-media and alternative forms of the art."

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Event Appearances (2)

The Non-Urgency of Animation / La No-Urgencia del Tiempo Animado

Cuadrilátero Visual / Animasivo Film Festival Conference  Mexico City


The Non Urgency of time in Animation

Triennial, International Society for the Study of Time, ISST  University of Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom


Articles (3)

Redefiniendo una Escuela de Animación (Redefining an Animation School)

Universitat Politècnica de València. Spain


2016. “Redefiniendo una Escuela de Animación” (Redefining an Animation School). Revista Anual de Investigación, Con A de Animación. Universitat Politècnica de València. Spain. EISSN: 2173-3511   ISSN:2173-6049

Animando al Dibujo. Del Guión a la Pantalla

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


"Animando al Dibujo. Del Guión a la Pantalla" (Drawing for Animation. From Script to Screen). José García Moreno, Tania de León, et. Al. Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas, UNAM. ISBN: 9786070247736

La Nueva Animación (The New Animation)

Editorial Grijalbo, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

“La Nueva Animación (The New Animation) José Angel García Moreno, in “México, Su Apuesta por la Cultura”: (”Mexico and its Bet on Culture”), Armando Ponce et Alt., México: Editorial Grijalbo, Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM). ISBN: 970-05-1648-2