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Josh Shipp

Owner and Founder | Josh Shipp Productions


Helping Adults Understand Teens and Teens Understand Themselves



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Josh Shipp helps adults understand teens.
And teens understand themselves.

He stars in the LIFETIME TV Series TEEN TROUBLE, is the best-selling author of "The Teen's Guide to World Domination" and was named to INC. Magazine's 30 under 30 list and a CNN Young Person Who Rocks.

Josh is an award-winning motivational speaker with an entertaining, yet challenging message for students, parents, and educators.

He had a traumatic childhood. Josh was abandoned at birth, thrown into many different foster homes. Abused, Addicted, and Suicidal... Josh KNOWS what it means to be a teen in trouble.

Thanks to caring adults Josh was able to triumph over the hardship, and now he encourages everyone to overcome their hardships and live life to the fullest.

And he does so through the power of laughter.

Josh's ability to connect with the audience of teens or adults is a rare gift and is one you don't want your audience to miss.

Josh lives in sunny California, is a spokesperson for National Foster Care Month, and a marathon runner.

“I’ve found that sometimes the very thing that has hurt you the most, is the very thing you can use to help others. You can’t change the past -- so why not focus on building an incredible future?” - Josh Shipp

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Making Positive Choices

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Overcoming Adversity

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CNN Young Person Who Rocks (professional)

Josh was named as one of the CNN Young Person Who Rocks.

30 Under 30 List (professional)

Josh was named in INC. Magazine's 30 under 30 list.

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National Future Farmers of America Convention  tbd

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Josh's Self-Esteem program was developed to increase self-esteem, a positive sense of identity, moral character and to improve student behavior and foster social and emotional growth. Topics Covered: • Self-Esteem • Identity • Making Positive Choices • Choosing Your Friends Wisely • Attitude • Overcoming Adversity • Character / Integrity


Josh Shipp was that trouble maker kid in school - a foster kid, class clown, a rebel without a clue, a trouble maker. He was written off, kicked out, forgotten about. That is until one adult made all the difference in his life. She didn't see the punk kid - she saw the potential. She didn't see the messed up foster kid - she saw the message this young man could share with the world. Josh's program is perfect for a group of educators or parents that work with teens.


In The Identity Program, Josh takes the pressure off you and mentors teens one-on-one. Josh talks directly about things that are crucial to success and often difficult to talk about: - Responsibility - How to gain true confidence - Making Positive Choices - Bullying and labels - Motivation to succeed - How to overcome problems - The importance of adult role models He talks about all these things in a way that's entertaining and grabs the attention of even the most difficult teen immediately.


The true story of a boy left at the hospital, in and out of homes, abused. This sad tale does not end in sadness. It rises above the situations to show how a mess can turn into a message. Josh understands what it feels like to try and form and discover your identity and purpose. He has learned that life’s battles can be won, armed with a sense of humor and an optimistic attitude. Sharing his struggles, Josh encourages people to view their lives through a new lens.



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