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Judi Monk - University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, US

Judi Monk Judi Monk

Assistant Professor | University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

Judi Monk focuses on sustainable architecture and design, LEED design and the implementation of resilient technologies and practices.


Judi Shade Monk is a registered architect in Florida, New Jersey and New York. She has been a LEED accredited professional since 2006. The continuing education she seeks in order to maintain those credentials includes sustainability and resilience. Her research interests include practice-informed studio instruction and pedagogy, color theory in the Josef Albers tradition, detailing, cross-disciplinary collaboration and the education of non-architects on the role and value of the profession. Judi's area of focus is sustainability through building energy, building materials, built environment resilience, smart buildings/cities, sustainable architecture and design and sustainable construction.

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Architecture and Planning

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Municipal Planning

Women in STEM

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Media Appearances (1)

“I fear they have become the culture”: Richard Meier’s accusers say firm is whitewashing his misdeeds despite the #MeToo movement

The Real Deal  online


Judi Shade Monk, who worked at the firm from 2003 to 2008 and has accused Meier of grabbing her underwear through her dress at a holiday party, said Meier’s behavior with women was well-known in the office. But pre-#MeToo, the reaction was different. “Women just rolled with it,” she said. “If you have professional, high-level aspirations, then this is an occupational hazard. Even when these things are unsolicited, it was as if it was our fault. That women were too tempting and men couldn’t be expected to control themselves around us. The blame wasn’t on the man. In hindsight, it’s absurd.”

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Articles (1)

Black Box | White Palace | #MeToo : Workplace Sexual Assault at the Hands of a Professional Hero

Journal of Architectural Education

Judi Shade Monk


In March 2018, I went on record with the New York Times, accusing Richard Meier of sexually inappropriate behavior at an office event in 2003. In what follows, I reflect on the experiences I contributed to that piece, which are a microcosm of similar experiences I have faced in other contexts throughout my life. Though as of late, Meier's name is invoked around #MeToo within our profession, the unfortunate reality is that this issue is about more than one person and is much more expansive than our profession.

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  • English

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  • Registered Architect : Florida, New Jersey, & New York
  • NCARB Certified
  • LEED Accredited Professional