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Julia Strimple Julia Strimple

Founder - President | Protocol Essentials


Social Graces for Business Faces for Professional & Personal Success


Etiquette & Social Skills Educator, Consultant & Author Julia Strimple is from London, England. She has been conducting workshops, classes, seminars, briefings and team building programs in business, social etiquette and interpersonal communication skills for 30+ years in the United Kingdom and the United States. From faciliting a replication of a White House State Dinner in Washington, DC as a fundraiser for the Smithsonian to being the featured speaker at NASA for Women's History month and the many programs on social graces for business faces - Julia believes that we pick up, retain new skills, and make them into good habits more easily if we are having fun at the same time, thus her presentations are entertaining as well as informative. She writes articles for magazines and newspapers on etiquette and culinary topics and appears on TV and radio talk shows sharing her expertise.

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