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Juliana Fernandes - University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, US

Juliana Fernandes

Assistant Professor | University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

Juliana Fernandes is an expert in the uses and effects of negative information in persuasive communication messages.


Juliana Fernandes is an assistant professor in the College of Journalism and Communications. She is an expert in the uses and effects of negative information in persuasive communication messages and how social and traditional media are used as a strategic tool during political campaigns.

Areas of Expertise (6)

Social Media

Media Trust


Advertising Strategy

Political Advertising

Political Communication

Media Appearances (2)

Educating Consumers to Fight Deception in Green Advertising

American Academy of Advertising Newsletter  online


Imagine a consumer going to a grocery store or shopping online and trying to decide whether to buy a product based on package information or an ad they saw somewhere. This is not an uncommon sight as highly involved consumers may spend a good amount of time trying to understand what the claims on the package or ad mean.

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The Impact of Negative and Persuasive Political Communication

UF College of Journalism and Communication  online


CJC Advertising Assistant Professor Juliana Fernandes was interviewed on Oct. 26, 2020 about her research on the impact of negative and persuasive messaging on political campaigns.

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Articles (3)

A Team-Teaching Approach to Advertising Campaigns Capstone Course

Journal of Advertising Education

Juliana Fernandes, Lincoln Lu and Sarai Nunez


Undergraduate advertising campaigns courses are known for their integration of knowledge, application of different skills, and group work. This capstone class partners with a real-world client and may be considered the last professional experience in an educational setting before students graduate.

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They’re Not Just Words: The Verbal Style of U.S. Presidential Debate Rhetoric

Communication Studies

David Lynn Painter and Juliana Fernandes


Televised U.S. presidential debates are the most-watched, if not the most-researched, political events in history. While prior studies have largely focused on general election contests, this longitudinal content analysis used DICTION software to parse the effects of election level, partisanship, and time on the candidates’ word choices or verbal styles in 35 general and 121 primary election debates.

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Choice Matters: Responses to Political Information Vary in Randomized vs. Selective Exposure Contexts

Mass Communication and Society

Juliana Fernandes, Nicky Lewis and Cheng Hong


Why do we focus more on the bad than the good? Why do we seek out the more traumatic vs. feel good news stories? It is well documented through “negativity bias” research that negative information is weighted greater than positive information, whether it be judging others facial expressions or recalling news events.

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