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Juliana Trichilo Cina - Curriculum Standards Canada. Toronto, ON, CA

Juliana Trichilo Cina

Solutions Director | Learnography | Curriculum Standards Canada

Toronto, ON, CANADA

A leader in strategic communications |




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Juliana Trichilo Cina, M.A, B.A. (Hons.), is a marketing, communications, and business development professional with experience in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Juliana is a University of Toronto alumnus who has focused her career on effective communication. From marketing to conflict resolution, she has spent more than 10 years exploring how to effectively communicate and avoid the negative consequences of broken dialogue. Her professional experience includes education standards policy work, marketing and business development, coaching and communications-specific adult education. Juliana loves contributing to the growth of organizations with competitive and valuable offerings. Juliana joined Learnography in early 2014, and serves as its Solutions Director. Working for Learnography allows Juliana to join her passion for effective communications and lifelong learning in one career endeavour. Juliana's most recent writing can be found on, and

Industry Expertise (10)




Corporate Training

Social Media

Corporate Leadership


Writing and Editing

Public Relations and Communications

Public Policy

Areas of Expertise (12)

Content Development

Effective Communications

Strategic Communications

Corporate Communications


Marketing Communications



Social Media Marketing

Marketing Strategy

New Business Development

Career Counseling

Education (2)

Queen's University: M.A., Political Studies 2005

Thesis: "National Identity Cards: A Test for Privacy Rights in Canada"

University of Toronto: B.A. (Hons), English & Political Science 2003

English Specialist | Political Science Major

Affiliations (3)

  • : Strategic Communications Consultant
  • World Vision Child : Sponsor
  • The McKinsey Quarterly : Online Executive Panellist

Languages (3)

  • English
  • Italian
  • Middle English

Testimonials (9)

Claudia Astudillo - client, Administration, Client Relations, and Data Analysis | The Career Foundation

It has been a pleasure to work with Juliana. She strives to give the best possible service to her clients regardless of the perceived obstacles and barriers her clients present. Juliana is a great motivator and encourages her clients to empower themselves. She is very professional, reliable and trustworthy, and definitely a great asset to anyone she works with.

Deanna Natalizio, n/a | Resume Service

“I’d like to think I speak on behalf of the majority of job seekers when I say how exasperating the entire job hunt can be, resume writing included. It may be its required narcissism, the appeal it makes to memory (which if you’re like me, can never be relied upon), or the self-defeatist notion that your accomplishments to date might not make the cut, but for whatever reason, I felt almost paralyzed by the thought of condensing the whole of me to select bullet points. As a result, my version of a resume was a patchwork of fact and fiction, things I thought employers would want to hear, and insincerely vaunted professional experiences. I chose to contact Juliana for help in designing a resume to impress. In working with Juliana, I was forced to take an introspective look at myself, which unlike my previous attempts, allowed me to celebrate my achievements and address areas for self-improvement. Juliana’s process for unearthing resume-worthy attributes was in no way intrusive, but consistently encouraging. I was more than pleased with the end product; a polished, expertly styled resume that I am happy to shop around to prospective employers. Hitting the “send” button comes with a new-found confidence!”

Ryan Teschner, Lawyer | Editing Services

“Juliana’s have been the one set of eyes that have reviewed my important written works through my years in academia. She has also been pivotal in identifying new opportunities for me to pursue. She has been a real cheerleader, who shared in some of my brightest moments and most significant accomplishments.”

Anonymous Workshop Attendee, Private | Conflict Resolution Workshop

“Juliana was fantastic. My expectations were exceeded. Thanks!”

Anonymous Workshop Attendee, Private | Conflict Resolution Workshop

“Juliana was articulate and empathetic to various participants pasts and experiences.”

Anonymous Workshop Attendee, Private | Conflict Resolution Workshop

“I feel it was very important that the instructor was so down to earth and implemented her own life experiences. I was able to relate and open up as I would not normally do.”

Anonymous Workshop Attendee, Private | Conflict Resolution Workshop

“Magnifico! Great passion, empathy and understanding of others. I mostly liked Juliana’s personal reflections, openness and the way she engaged the class.”

Anonymous Workshop Attendee, Private | Conflict Resolution Workshop

“Very interesting and positive.”

Anonymous Workshop Attendee, Private | Conflict Resolution Workshop

“I love the open discussions. Very interesting. Thank you.”

Media Appearances (4)

Salesforce & Pardot: Align Marketing & Sales  online


I’ve always been a huge advocate of collaboration. There is simply nothing better than smart people coming together to achieve greater success than they could apart. This is how strong businesses are built. Specifically, aligning sales and marketing departments is a no brainer...

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The Psychology of the Rob Ford Nation  online


If you haven’t been following, Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford has been faced with both allegations and undeniable proof in some cases, that he has done a number of unseemly things of late. From chronic drinking and “occasional” drug use to death threats, Rob Ford is challenging his City of Toronto. Interestingly, Ford supporters—known as the Ford Nation—have not abandoned the Mayor. As the Toronto Mayoral race begins to pick up steam, I can’t help but ask, What is the psychology of the Ford supporter?

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Coaching isn't therapy.  online


We have all had a trusted advisor. Sometimes it’s a close friend, sometimes an advice columnist. Even the toughest of men have been known to spill their guts to a friendly bartender. Talking to someone takes courage. Sometimes you need an objective ear that will respect you just for putting yourself out there...

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The Marketer's Dilemma  online


I attended The Art Of Marketing in Toronto this past week. In his riveting presentation, Charles Duhigg (whose book I’m running out to purchase) said that the single most important and telling indicator of future success in a child’s life is… wait for it, wait for it...

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Event Appearances (4)


Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference  Toronto, ON.


Creating Employee Super Fans That Attack Company Goals With Conviction Using Both Social Media And Traditional Communications

Strategic Internal Communications  Toronto, ON.


Growing email lists with social media

eMarketing Association Conference  San Francisco, CA.


eMA Conference

eM12  San Francisco


Sample Talks (4)

Mastering the Art of Communications

Achieving personal and business goals is contingent on our ability to communicate. Saying the right words is not enough. You need to understand your goals, yourself and your audience. This talk explores communication techniques, emotional intelligence and communication psychology.

What Trainers/Educators can Learn from Marketers

The marketing industry has spent trillions understanding how to effectively reach the masses. And once reached, how to optimize the uptake of ideas, processes, products, and more. The techniques and principles implicit to marketing and relevant to learning as well. Trainers are competing for attention the same way marketers are but the game is stacked against trainers. Using effective marketing and communications principles in training and development turns learning into a personal experience. And ultimately delivers better results.

What Marketers and Educators can Learn from the Music Industry

The way the music industry operated became irrelevant to the consumer many years ago. Technology and music consumption preferences outpaced the music industry's evolution. Take a look at the technologies, trends and use cases of today to analyse the relevance of your industry approach. Then you can begin thinking critically about where you are and where you want to be.

How to Create Employee Super Fans That Attack Company Goals With Conviction

There are some basics to communication psychology that every leader needs to know. Individuals have at their core a set of values and beliefs from which they build rules and expectations and then an environment. Employers face one of two scenarios--either your employees are already united by their underlying values and beliefs (you simply need to find out what those are), or you need to research and create a unifying set of values and beliefs that will unite your team. If you are a leader working off a false understanding of your staff, you may be missing your true super fans and the key to growth.



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  • Host/MC
  • Corporate Training


1000 to 5000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee

Articles (2)

my immaculate

Imagining Ourselves - International Museum of Women


A short poem

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The Judiciary, Constitutional Reform and Aboriginal Rights' Recognition

Federalism-E, Queen's University


This paper explores the status of Aboriginal peoples within the Canadian federation.

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