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Justin Lefebvre - Deadknife Records. Hawkesbury, ON, CA

Justin Lefebvre Justin Lefebvre

Architect Web Journalist Executive | Deadknife Records

Hawkesbury, ON, CANADA

Architect Web Journalist Executive



Sign transaction, Encrypt document, Key Agreement. Technology Pioneered VIP Program. Visionary Entrepreneur, Corporate Government Entity Entrepreneurship Partnership & New Foundation and Increase Rapidly New Resource. Scientists and engineers along with our academic and research partners, develop cutting-edge technologies to meet agency mission requirements. Discoveries also contribute to the creation and improvement of many commercial products. Through our Technology Transfer VIP Program, openly shares these technologies with private industry and U.S. government agencies. Federal government contractor network coordinates directs. Early interest in cryptanalytic research led to the first large-scale computer and the first solid-state computer, predecessors to the moderncomputer. Pioneered efforts in flexible storage capabilities. These technologies and capabilitiescan result in significant cost savings, technological advancements, and profits for those organizations that leverage this resource. In the context of federal laboratories, it is the sharing of information, intellectual property (IP), expertise and technology between the laboratories and non-federal entities (state and local governments, universities, non-profit organizations and private industry). It consists of transfers at various levels within the technology lifecycle, ranging from conception to the actual selling of products or services in the marketplace. Commercial Transfer, Transfer of federally owned technologies to the private sector to develop new or improved technologies, materials, processes, products or services which are made available to the public. Organizationally located in Research Directorate and provides services to all organizations and individuals who desire to participate in technology transfer activities to offers services in the areas of Opportunity Management, Customer Service, Intellectual Asset Management, Program and Technology Marketing and Rewards and Recognition.

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Archiect Web Journalist Executive

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ESRH: 12, High School 1998

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