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Justin Stowens, M.D., FACEP, FPD-AEMUS - ChristianaCare. Wilmington, DE, US

Justin Stowens, M.D., FACEP, FPD-AEMUS

Associate Program Director | ChristianaCare


Dr. Justin Stowens is an emergency physician as well as one of the associate program directors for the emergency medicine residency.


Justin Stowens MD, FACEP, FPD-AEMUS is an emergency physician at ChristianaCare as well as one of the associate program directors for the emergency medicine residency where he focuses on innovative teaching solutions and gamification. The emergency departments at ChristianaCare’s Christiana Hospital, Wilmington Hospital, Union Hospital, and the free-standing emergency department in Middletown, Delaware, treat a combined total of more than 225,000 patients each year, among the highest volume nationwide.

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Heat bears down on Delaware - tips on how to get through it



The elderly and children are especially susceptible to the effects of soaring temperatures, but Dr. Justin Stowens of the ChristianaCare Department of Emergency Medicine says people on certain medications also need to watch out. Also, people of any age who are determined to carry on with outdoor exercises and people who need to work outside could be overcome. "We definitely see a huge spectrum of people that will come in - some really, really sick and others who are, thankfully, not quite that sick yet who managed to get out of the heat earlier," Stowens said. Spending time outside? Sunscreen is crucial, and wearing lightweight, light-colored clothing can help. A hat or umbrella for shade? even better.

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