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Justin Velthoen - Ink Your Dreams. Greater Los Angeles Area, CA, US

Justin Velthoen

I Build Leaders Who Drive Change | Ink Your Dreams

Greater Los Angeles Area, CA, UNITED STATES

Turning Managers Into Leaders | Lean Management | Value Chain Strategy






Tips For Managing Remote Teams Part 1 Tips For Managing Remote Teams Part 2




ATTN Struggling Businesses stuck throwing people at process problems:

If i offered to guide you to a more profitable balance sheet in 12 weeks...

✅ Without hiring and training costly headcount...
✅ Without the constant dumpster fires every week...
✅ So you don't have to dread going into work every Monday...
✅ So you never have to guess about your next move...
✅ So you can do something that directly affects your bottom line...
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...would you take me up on that offer?

Over the last 20 years, I have helped multiple companies grow faster, significantly reduce costs, increase performance up to 60%, all without adding headcount.

Are you next?

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☘️ Team Development
☘️ Leadership training
☘️ Sales Channel Optimization
☘️ Value Chain Management
☘️ Demand Generation
☘️ Business & Brand Strategy
☘️ Busienss Intelligence

Despite spending time and money on your sales & marketing efforts, you are frustrated because you’re not getting the bottom-line results you want Deep-down, you know that you need to talk with more prospects but you hesitate and procrastinate to take the required actions

✅ You anxiously keep your prices lower than they should be because you’re scared that if you charge more, nobody will pay you that price
✅ You are concerned that you don’t have enough qualified prospects to talk with on a consistent basis
✅ You fear you are not successfully overcoming some self-limiting beliefs when it comes to sales

Industry Expertise (3)

IT Services/Consulting

Information Technology and Services


Areas of Expertise (5)

Value Chain Management

Inventory Control


Management Consulting

Supply Chain Management

Education (2)

University of Phoenix: BS, Information Technology 2004

University of Phoenix: MBA, Globalization 2010

Testimonials (3)

Anique Mautner, Sr. Director | TEDxTemecula

Justin is a strong leader on our TEDxTemecula organizing team. He brings clarity and focus to the group and has an incredible ability to orchestrate many moving parts in our operations. I’ve watched him mobilize his team around his vision, think quickly to resolve operational setbacks, set up systems to improve our efficiency, and so much more — all this while retaining his composure and enthusiasm for our work. In the years we have worked together, his leadership has culminated in five perfectly executed TEDxTemecula conferences.

James Wang, Director of Sales and Marketing | QStock Inventory

Justin has strong technical skills paired with a sales and marketing bend. As a solutions architect, his technical background paired with his operational background from working as a warehouse manager and implementing warehouse systems has been a strong assurance to our prospects and customers in being able to take their businesses up a notch operationally and shows well in the demos he does in being able to walk someone through proposed solutions. Beyond the norm of being able to deeply understand a solution and demo it, I appreciate that he also isn't scared to jump in when given the go ahead and make resources like videos, webinars and other resources that he and others will want instead of waiting for someone else to do it.

Virgil Rochowansky, Director of Information Technology | Eldorado Stone

I had the pleasure of working with Justin at Eldorado Stone for several years, both in his positions as eCom Coordinator and Software Developer. Justin has a great ability to look at technology needs from a business solutions perspective. Specifically, Justin can develop effective solutions both from strategic and operational perspectives. Justin has an impressive set of skills, and I'd highly recommend him not only for technology solutions, but also for developing scalable business solutions and procedures for growing companies.



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  • Workshop Leader
  • Corporate Training

Courses (1)

Me, Inc. CEO

We help Aspiring Executives get control of their time with a balanced lifestyle by building a high performance team that eliminates the late nights and working weekends.

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Articles (2)

Starting Inventory Management in Intacct

Sage Intacct

Justin Velthoen

Product-based businesses have many facets that are unique to them and require specialists to ensure success. From ecommerce sites to medical offices, from manufacturing to distribution – if you have large amounts of capital in physical products, you need a system that understands the unique needs you will encounter and have the resources to help bring them together. This is where inventory management comes in.

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Comparing Value Chain and Supply Chain

QStock Inventory

Justin Velthoen

In business, there are certain processes that need to be done if anyone is to see any profits. One such process is implementing an effective value chain. It’s sometimes easy to confuse the value chain with the supply chain. There is a difference between the two, though seemingly subtle, but a big difference. We are going to take an in-depth look at what value chain is and we’ll also review some similarities and mostly the differences between that and a supply chain.

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