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Justin H. Gross - University of Massachusetts Amherst. Amherst, MA, US

Justin H. Gross Justin H. Gross

Associate Professor of Political Science | University of Massachusetts Amherst


Justin Gross's research focuses on U.S. ideologies, political communication in mass and social media, public opinion, and public policy.

Areas of Expertise (6)

Framing Public Policy and the News

Public Opinion and American Politics

Identity and political beliefs

Political Communication and Social Media

U.S. Ideologies

American Political Ideologies


Justin Gross is a sought after expert on many areas related to public opinion and American politics, including political communication and social media. His current research is focusing to how media activists and politicians nvoke core values in order to frame arguments while at times contesting the very meanings and appropriate applications of these values. Skilled in front of the camera, he is a frequent guest on public television and in other multimedia.


Video Appearances





The State We’re In: Benefits of Ranked Choice Voting | Connecting Point | July 30, 2020 Celebrity Political Endorsements with Ryan McCollum and Justin Gross | Connecting Point


Education (5)

Carnegie Mellon University: Ph.D., Statistics and Public Policy

Carnegie Mellon University: M.Phil., Public Policy and Management

Carnegie Mellon University: M.S., Statistics

Salem State University: M.S., Mathematics

Brown University: A.B., Latin American Studies

Press Coverage (3)

The State We're In: Ranked-Choice Voting, Press History

WGBY: Connecting Point  tv


UMass Amherst Professor Justin Gross, a supporter of the Mass. ranked-choice voting ballot question, explains what he believes are the benefits of ranked-choice voting. UMass Amherst Associate Professor of Journalism Joshua Braun details the history of the press in the United States and provides context about Twitter’s current policy of fact checking tweets.

justin gross

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Turning Out the Student Vote

WGBY: Connecting Point  tv


UMass Amherst Political Science professor Justin Gross joined Carried Saldo to discuss what’s being done to turn out the student vote for the midterm elections.

Justin Gross

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Celebrity Political Endorsements with Justin Gross

WGBY: Connecting Point  tv


Last week’s midterm elections captured the attention of high-profile celebrities like Oprah and Taylor Swift. Did celebrity political endorsements impact the high turnout rates or boost the campaigns of specific candidates? Host Carrie Saldo explores that and more with political consultant Ryan McCollum and UMass Amherst Political Science Professor Justin Gross.

Justin Gross

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