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Kai Gutschow - Carnegie Mellon University. Pittsburgh, PA, US

Kai Gutschow Kai Gutschow

Associate Professor | Carnegie Mellon University



Kai Gutschow is a historian of modern architecture interested in the intersection of history, theory and practice. His goal has been to bring together distinct yet related visions of architecture — history, theory, research and design — into an integrated pedagogy and career path. His training in art history, cabinetmaking, architectural design and architectural history over the years reflects an effort to synthesize what are often seen to be disparate areas of architecture. Both his scholarship and teaching have emphasized architecture’s unique dependence on its own past, and on the evolution of architectural ideas and design strategies from the past into the future.

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Was Trump’s draft order on classical buildings really about Obama?

Fast Company  

Decades of federal architectural policy would be upended if the Trump administration follows through on an executive order that was leaked to the Architectural Record on February 4. Titled “Making Federal Buildings Beautiful Again,” it announces that the classical style of architecture—which refers to architecture inspired by the monumental buildings of ancient Greece and Rome—will be the “preferred and default style” for many federal buildings.

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How Mellon took ‘corporate modern’ architecture to the bank

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette  

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Education (3)

Columbia University: Ph.D.

University of California at Berkeley: M.Arch.

Swarthmore College: B.A.