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Kaitlynn Furse - CAA South Central Ontario. Thornhill, ON, CA

Kaitlynn Furse Kaitlynn Furse

Manager, Public Relations | CAA South Central Ontario

Thornhill, ON, CANADA

Media spokesperson for CAA SCO and subject matter expert on winter driving, road trips and travel.






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How to get to your March Break destination safely!




A communications and media relations professional, Kaitlynn has worked with some of Canada's leading brands to bring corporate storytelling to life. Having worked in both agency and corporate settings, Kaitlynn takes an insights-led approach to developing aspirational and practical communications strategies.

As a member of the corporate communications team at CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO), Kaitlynn leads the organizations public relations initiatives and serves as a media spokesperson.

Kaitlynn is an avid traveller, knowledgeable about travel and tourism trends, having previously served as the manager of global public relations and partnerships for Fairmont Hotels & Resorts.

Industry Expertise (3)

Travel and Tourism Automotive Public Relations and Communications

Areas of Expertise (4)

Winter Driving Travel and Tourism Strategic Communications Road Trips

Education (2)

Humber College: Post Graduate Certificate, Public Relations

University of Toronto: B.A. (Hons.), Political Science

Media Appearances (19)

What to put in your vehicle’s emergency kit

Durham Radio News  online


Public Relations Manager Kaitlynn Furse says it’s also important to have a phone charger in your emergency kit.

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CAA Gives Tips On Safe Winter Driving

MyFM  radio


Kaitlyn Furse with CAA says in the event of an emergency, there are some things to make note of.

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London police, OPP, CAA report spike in service calls following blast of winter weather

Global News  online


“Yesterday, in the London area, for example, the actual average time of arrival was just over an hour so it can differ, and that’s why we always recommend for drivers, as they’re preparing for the winter months and getting their cars ready and all their maintenance checked, that they keep that emergency kit stocked up,” Furse said.

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'Tis the season to put on winter tires—and check your car battery: CAA

CBC London  


Furse said the average lifespan of a car battery is around three to five years, but extreme temperature swings can drain the battery far quicker. Our growing reliance on in-car technology, such as vehicle navigation systems, can also suck the life out of a car battery, she said.

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It’s time for winter tires: CAA

Durham Radio News  online


“What they [winter tires] do is they help you reduce the stopping distance and increase control on the roads,” explained Furse. “So it actually does improve your stopping distance by 25 per cent or two car lengths.”

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Getting ready for winter driving involves more than just changing to snow tires

Global News  online


“At this point, you want to be thinking about that preventative maintenance,” she said. The key things you need to check are your tires, your windshield wipers, your fluids, your brakes and your battery.

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Top tips for a worry-free winter away

Globe Advisor  online


"Peace of mind while travelling is the ultimate luxury," said Kaitlynn Furse, manager, public relations, CAA South Central Ontario. "Taking steps to ensure that you'll be covered with the right travel and medical coverage, is the best way to make the most of your time away during the winter."

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Drivers facing messy commute amid downpours

CP24  online


“The most important thing is to make sure you are driving according to the weather conditions and if you do see standing water or any water on the road do not attempt to drive through it,” Spokesperson Kaitlynn Furse told CP24 on Tuesday morning.

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Drivers Urged To Get Their Cars Ready For Summer Driving

AM 800 CKLW  radio


"We recommend bringing your car into your maintenance facility and getting a thorough inspection to make sure it's in good working order and so you won't have any issues on the road," says Furse.

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Drivers pocket savings by allowing their insurer to come along for the ride

Financial Post  online


“If you’re a driver who drives low kilometres, doesn’t speed, and doesn’t have jerky driving, that kind of thing, then you have a lower likelihood of making a claim so you get a discount based on that driving behaviour,” said Kaitlynn Furse, spokeswoman for CAA South Central Ontario, which offers a service called CAA Connect that uses a telematics device plugged into the car.

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How to plan a worry-free adventure

Toronto Star  print


"It's one thing to get to a place, but there's so many great little towns with things to see along the way," she says. "Doing research in advance lets you see if you can do a pit stop and have a picnic in a place you may not have otherwise seen."

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Quick Fix at Five: Consider a cruise for your next getaway

CTV News Kitchner  tv


From CTV Kitchener's Rosie Del Campo: Kaitlynn Furse from CAA looks at the pros and cons of cruises

CTV Kitchener's Rosie Del Campo and CAA's Kaitlynn Furse

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Saturday News: Toronto at 6:00

CBC News  tv


How to stay safe during a freezing rain storm.

CAA's public relations manager Kaitlynn Furse

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IN Studio - Preparing for Winter Driving

Rogers Kitchener  tv


Details about the CHYM Tree of Hope, getting ready for winter with CAA and Explore Waterloo Region.

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Are winter tires necessary? "Absolutely Crucial" expert says

Yahoo News Canada  


Every year when temperature starts the drop and snow starts to fall, the winter tires debate springs up. From questions about when to put them on, to discussions about their cost versus road safety, consensus on the winter tire argument never seems to happen.

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End Of Daylight Saving Poses Risks For Pedestrians in Halton and Beyond

inhalton.com  online


CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) is reminding drivers and pedestrians that road safety is everyone’s responsibility - and great care and caution should be practiced.

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Snow in April? It’s too soon to take off your winter tires

Hamilton Spectator  online


It's finally feeling a little bit more like spring in southern Ontario, so you might conclude that it's time to take off the snow tires.

Hang on, experts say.

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Thousands of Ontarians gearing up for a March Break road trip

Global News  


“While many families continue to choose popular international destinations for March break such as Myrtle Beach and Orlando, many are also choosing to stay closer to home to explore our own backyard this spring vacation season,” said Kaitlynn Furse, public relations manager for CAA South Central Ontario...

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Canadian snowbirds flying further South

CityNews  tv


More snowbirds are choosing more exotic destinations for the winter months.

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