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One size doesn't fit all! Karen works with people (primarily women) to help them work out which foods and eating work for them. The media & food industry are confusing the life out of people and Karen helps her clients - whether individually or from stage - get back on track and know, really know, what's good for them. Your audience will love you for choosing her to speak at your event!

Karen's approach is holistic and designed to create independence not dependency. A shockingly high percentage of the population are unhappy with their weight for appearance or health reasons but too little attention is given to the root causes so they just yo-yo or continue to gain weight. Vision, mindset, lifestyle are all part of the equation and Karen covers all this as well as great tips for a healthy enjoyable way of eating.

Karen trained as a professional chef a long time ago and kept up her interest in food and knowledge of nutrition throughout a fast track hotel management career and an entrepreneurial life the core of which was a highly successful event management company which she founded and ran for 21 years. Adding training in how the mind works and coaching skills give her a unique mix which she shares in a delightful and engaging style.

Using fun, engaging, informative content Karen helps her audience get into Red Carpet Body mindset and on track to a healthier relationship with food and eating which leads to more life satisfaction and in turn to better prospects in the workplace and socially.

Industry Expertise (3)

Health and Wellness

Human Resources


Areas of Expertise (2)

Weight Loss

Self Confidence

Accomplishments (1)

Using what I now teach (personal)

Using the methodology and tools I now teach, share and coach I - achieved my ideal body weight and have maintained it for 10 years; got rid of IBS; attracted my perfect husband - we married 5 years ago; found the perfect home - 3 times in a row; have attracted ideal team members and clients; and more! This is not to brag but to show that it works!

Education (1)

Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge: Hotel & Catering Operations, Catering 1976

Event Appearances (5)

Fabulous Inside & Out

Bhive Live in the Lounge  London


Series of 21 Expert Interviews conducted by Karen Kennaby

Healthy Eating & Beyond  Online


If Only I had the body of my dreams

"If Only" Salon  London


Fabulous Inside & Out

Fabulous Inside & Out  London


Eat Your Way To Success

Bhive Live in the Lounge  London


Sample Talks (1)

Red Carpet Body (keynote or workshop series)

What gives someone the confidence to stand on the red carpet & shine when the majority of the population shy away from the spotlight & don't even like seeing themselves in a mirror? In this keynote address Karen addresses the key factors that take people from hiding to shining, setting them on a path to that Red Carpet Body that oozes success & confidence. The confidence that comes from good body image translates into all areas of life including work which makes this so valuable.



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  • Corporate Training


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