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Kathleen M. Brennan - Western Carolina University. Cullowhee, NC, US

Kathleen M. Brennan

Associate Professor | Western Carolina University


Kathleen M. Brennan's research interests include mental health, medical sociology and social psychology.





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Industry Expertise (2)



Areas of Expertise (5)

Sociology of Emotions

Social Psychology

Mental Health

Medical Sociology

Work and Occupations

Education (3)

Kent State University: M.A., Sociology

Kent State University: B.A., Sociology 1995

Kent State University: Ph.D., Sociology 2002

Languages (1)

  • English

Media Appearances (2)

SCC student helps WCU archive Cherokee language documents

The Cherokee One Feather  online


Over the past 15 years, the Cherokee Language Program (CLP) at Western Carolina University has compiled and digitized thousands of Cherokee language documents and media files.

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Anthropology and Sociology Department Interview: Kathleen Brennan

WCU's Career and Professional Development Center  online


We were able to sit down with Dr. Kathleen Brennan last week. Dr. Brennan is the Head of the Anthropology and Sociology Department. We asked her what her thoughts and advice are on all things regarding students in the professional field. She provided us with an informative perspective and advice on what comes highly recommended for students in degree-seeking programs in this department. Since she oversees two major programs, we went ahead and split the interview into categories under each question to make it clear which one she was referencing.

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Articles (5)

Altering the landscape of mental illness stigma on university campuses

Stigma and Health

2022 We examine mental illness stigma in a university context using well-established measures of public stigma. We compare our results to those found in cross-national adult samples. We also examine whether public mental illness stigma differs by students’ diagnosis status or acts as a deterrent to treatment-seeking.

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Mental Illness Public Stigma and Treatment Seeking among University Students

Journal of College Student Psychotherapy

2021 While stigma is a complex, multidimensional concept, research regarding mental illness stigma has not been clearly defined or consistently measured across studies, thus limiting the broad application of this research.

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From Outsiders To Insiders

To Improve the Academy

2017 We assess graduate assistant competency in key skills that employers in and outside of academia value and examine whether these skills are developed in the context of the graduate assistantship (GA) at a specific state comprehensive university.

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Meaning, discrepancy, and satisfaction in the nurse role

Sociological Spectrum

2009 What it means to be a nurse has changed over time. This article explores the changing meanings for the nurse role in a sample of Bachelor of Science nursing students by analyzing 30 nurse role attributes documented in the nursing literature. Students' perceptions of obligatory and self-in-role meanings are assessed, and multiple role meaning dimensions are identified.

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Rural mountain natives, in-migrants, and the cultural divide

The Social Science Journal

2008 Conventional wisdom suggests that different views held by native and in-migrant rural residents lead to a division that ultimately damages community. Using a sample of rural residents in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, we seek to (1) determine whether these groups differ and, if they do, (2) explain the predictors of the difference.

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