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Growing Courage & Confidence in Women Leaders



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Kathy knows that most of us feel like we spend our days chasing fires and solving everyone else’s problems. However, at the end of our days, we feel as though we didn’t get anywhere. As an internationally certified leadership development coach, Kathy gives you the inner and outer tools to turn that around, so you can move from surviving—to thriving.
Kathy coaches individuals who want to strengthen their leadership and find balance in life. She mentors people as they rediscover their purpose, passion, and persistence for life while dealing with office politics, jerk bosses, and the challenges of family life.
Her recent book Mastering Confidence: Discover Your Leadership Potential by Awakening Your Inner Guidance System, Kathy shows you how to develop your inner confidence so you can have the impact you desire in work and in life.

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Grant MacEwan: Human Services Administrator Degree, Management 2008

Graduated with Distinction

Lethbridge Community Collage: Child & Youth Care Diploma, Human Services 1990

Coaches Training Institute: Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Co-Active Coaching 2011

Coaches Training Institute: Leadership Program, Leadership 2012

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  • Toastmasters International
  • International Coaching Fedaration

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  • English

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CBC Daybreak Interview

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Russell Bowers interview with Kathy on her recently published book Mastering Confidence

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Four Confidence Boosters To Reach Your Full Potential

Charity Village Webianr  Webinar - Online


Articles (16)

Raise your leadership confidence by establishing these three daily habits

Charity Village


Walking into a boardroom and averting your eyes as your stomach clenches is a horrible feeling. When you are worried about what you need to say and how you will say it, you begin to agonize. The doubt creeps in. Others in the room intuitively sense your inner hesitancies. This uncertainty spells disaster....

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The most important training to give yourself this year

Charity Village


Many of you will have a list of professional development events that you are scheduled to participate in this year. You may even have a wish list of other courses you want to complete some day. However, whether you are in a leadership position now, aspire to be in one at some point in the future, or just want to be the best you can be at your current job, taking training is fruitless if you don’t do this training also: Confidence building....

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What to expect when hiring a leadership coach

Charity Village


Do you ever feel stuck or swamped? Try as we might, with the resources we have, sometimes we just can’t get through the current challenge, find the spark again or regain a sense of balance. These are examples of when you may want to consider hiring yourself a coach. The problem is, you may not be quite sure how to do that....

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Lessons in vulnerability from an over-achieving leader

Charity Village


“I am sharing the results of my self-assessment with my leadership team,” my overachiever coaching client told me on our last call. Let’s call her Diane. “Each of us have completed the self–assessment and we are now going to share our results. Then, we will work through them together.” She explained. I grinned on the other end of the call. I knew the magnitude of what she had just shared, despite her nonchalant manner.

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Guest Post: Rekindle your love for your work

Volunteer Alberta


Are you tired of getting up in the morning, and heading to work to spin your wheels chasing a to-do list and putting out fires? At the end of that day, do you wonder what you actually got done? Has this routine left you feeling worn-out and stuck? If you have grown tired of energy sucking routines, then it might be time to reconnect to the reason you came to do this work in the first place. It is time for you to awaken your heart, remind yourself of why you do this work and reconnect to your passion.

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Curiosity: Make it Your Leadership Advantage

Volunteer Alberta


Leaders need to be in control, in charge, and have all the answers. Right? No. That is not entirely accurate. In fact, the best leaders often don’t have all the answers. What the greatest leaders have is a tremendous amount of curiosity. In other words, they ask a lot of questions that they don’t know the answer to. Doesn’t asking questions make me look dumb? Why is it important to ask questions you don’t know the answer to? I mean really, doesn’t that highlight how unwise you are? Are leaders not supposed to be intelligent, invincible, and have all of the answers? No. A leader has two primary jobs:

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Confident teams reduce management burnout

Volunteer Alberta


There is a connection between the level of confidence in your employees and your level of satisfaction in your leadership role. As a leader, when your employees are sure of themselves, certain, and poised, you may find yourself more satisfied. The difference between managing a confident team and an uncertain team can look like this:

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Guest Blog: Train yourself to be a confident leader

Volunteer Alberta


Having confidence helps us stay calm and composed in challenging situations. It’s true, having self-assuredness benefits you as a leader. It helps you achieve results. Knowing that, however, doesn’t do any good when your knees are knocking or your stomach is churning. In those moments, you can’t just will confidence upon yourself. Or can you? Leadership can be a tough gig. At any moment, you can be thrust into an intimidating situation or handed a seemingly overwhelming task. Lack of knowledge, being short on skills, or simply lacking the confidence to tackle situations head on can cause many leaders to pull back and play small.

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Confident Leaders Stand Out. Do You?

Volunteer Alberta


You know a confident leader when you see one. Their posture, mannerisms, and voice command your attention. Confident leaders can influence a community (of any size or shape) to act. Working in a nonprofit or charity, your organization is a community that you can move to action. Increasing your confidence will help you shape a team of devoted followers so you can do meaningful work. 3 reasons why growing your leadership confidence is a good idea

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Coping with Personal Trauma at Work

Alberta Home Visitation Network


Sitting on top of the desk, my legs dangling over the edge, I try in vain to hold the tears back. I strain to stop them but it doesn’t work. The tears come, as does my anger and my sadness. How unfair for these kids! Meeting with my co-workers to debrief after a supervised visit, I try to comprehend how it is possible that after a parent points a gun at a child, she can visit her children as though everything is normal. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Over the years I have

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The Basics of Performance Reviews

Alberta Home Visitation Network


Most of us hate performance appraisals. Whether undergoing one or doing one, both are taxing. The reason? It’s often either negative or fluff. Managers are taught the sandwich technique: provide three good comments, then one thing the employee can improve on. It’s painful! It’s also time to change that. Consider these four points the next time you conduct performance appraisals. Make performance appraisals

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Alberta Home Visitation Network


We hire staff because we need them. We then proceed to use them. And, even if you don’t mean to, many of us abuse our employees. • We ask more than they can offer. • We overburden them with too many responsibilities. • We put them in situations they are not skilled or ready to handle. Sadly, we may be more focused on getting the job done than on the person we are asking to do the job.

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I Know I am Burning Out - Now What?

Alberta Home Visitation Network Association


The signs are there. You are irritable and overwhelmed, have trouble sleeping and feel anxious. You know that work is affecting your health and impacting the rest of your world. The problem is that you don’t know what to do about it. It’s not like you haven’t tried; however, nothing seems to change. You’re stuck.

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Stressed-Out Leaders Effective tools for managing stress

Guided Synergy


Maybe you are the owner of your own business, the CEO of your company or a district supervisor. Perhaps you sit on the board of a community organization, lead a men’s group at your church or participate in a Rotary club. You might be a parent. If any of these titles applies to you, then you are a leader, and you likely find yourself stressed out at times. Finding ways to handle stress is important to maintaining both your health and your responsibilities. Today’s most effective stress management tactics may surprise you

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Book Review Mindful Leadership, The 9 ways to Self-Awareness, Transforming Yourself, and Inspiring Others

Alberta Services For Children And Families


I not only read this book, once, but twice and find myself referring back to it in my own growth as a leader as well as utilize it when I train in organizations. Contemplating the extent to which I refer back to the book, I realized that I must share it with more people. I was moved in a way that I had not been before as I went though chapter after chapter of Maria Gonzalez', Mindful Leadership, The 9 Ways to SelfAwareness, Transforming Yourself, and Inspiring Others. If you are someone who is ready to awaken from within as a leader do read on.

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Journaling at the office ..

The Advocate (Alberta College of Social Workers)


When you start losing sleep, notice you are persistently feeling anxious or are constantly ruminating about something challenging you, it is likely because you feel as though you don’t know what to do. Stressed like this, it is easy to get frustrated and think you are lost with no idea of how to resolve the dilemma. Perhaps a challenging staff member is causing you grief, or you have a choice to make. Wishing someone would give you the answer, tell you what to do, or at least help you narrow down the options is one approach. However, there is an easier way. Just ask yourself what to do.

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