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Dr. Seifert brings her unique research on the roots and prevention of violent crime and dynamic style to your discussion of today's top issu



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Inside The Mind: Three Groups of Violent Offenders Inside The Mind: Failure to Attach Can  Lead to Violence Inside The Mind: Terrorism & Power Driven Violence




Dr. Kathryn Seifert, CEO of Eastern Shore Psychological Services, has worked for over 30 years in the areas of mental health, criminal justice, and addictions. Dr. Seifert has specialized in the assessment and treatment of individuals who are at risk for violence and who are emotionally disturbed, behaviorally disordered, victimized, delinquent, and/or attachment disordered. She has lectured nationally and provides training on the topics of “Assessing the Risk for Violence,” “Attachment Disorders,” and “Attachment Violence & Assessment.” Her book, How Children Become Violent, was published in October 2006 and “Youth Violence” was published in 2012 by Springer Publishing. Dr. Seifert developed the CARE 2, a valid and reliable instrument designed to assess the risk for violence and to determine the appropriate level and type of services at risk youth require. She testifies as an expert witness, writes a blog for Psychology Today, and has appeared on CNN, Discovery ID, and Fox news radio.

Industry Expertise (3)

Health and Wellness


Mental Health Care

Areas of Expertise (4)

Treatment of Trauma and Attachment Problems

Assessment and Treatment of Violence

Developmental Effects of Trauma

Threat Assessment

Accomplishments (6)

President of Maryland Psychological Association (professional)


President of Maryland Psychological Association following being the legislative chair.

2009 Caliber Award (professional)


Achieving excellence through effective programming

CBH Research Award (professional)


Award for research on violence risk assessment

Global Directory of Who's Who (professional)


Lifetime Global Who's Who Award

Stevie Award (professional)


Best New Product of the Year for Violence Prevention products

Top 50 Maryland Woman Owned Business (professional)


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Education (1)

UMBC, Baltimore, MD: Ph.D., Psychology 1994

Affiliations (3)

  • American Psychological Association
  • Maryland Psychological Association
  • American College of Forensic Examiners International

Testimonials (2)

Richard Bearman, CEO | GoGetters/Violence Risk Presentation

My agency has benefited from Dr Kathy's presentations on several prior occasions and on February 24, 2011, she presented a workshop on identifying potentially dangerous people and working with them so as to minimize or control the risk to oneself. We are happy to be able to work with Dr Kathy because she is original, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic and those qualities are conveyed in her presentation style. She has a well-honed ability to speak to a mixed crowd of experienced professionals and newer paraprofessionals without talking down to anyone or speaking over peoples' heads. We request evaluations from our workshop participants and Dr Kathy has always rated very high both in content and style. I am certain you will be pleased with her

Al Smith, Radio Personality | Well and Wise Online

Dr. Seifert and I have worked together on a couple projects over a number of months. She has wonderful insight in many areas of psychology. Indeed, CNN thought so highly of her that she was interviewed on Anderson Coopre\'s program regarding the Tuscon Shootings. Along the same lines, I had the pleasure of discussing the effects of mental and physical abuse on childrren and how that manifests itself on those people through adulthood. I would highly recommend Dr. Seifert professionally. And as I have come to know her through our work together, I kow that she is a caring person as well.

Event Appearances (5)

Systems Approaches to Helping High Risk Youth and Their Families

PESI  Norcross, GA


Systems Approaches to Helping High Risk Youth and Their Families

PESI  Marietta, GA


Developmental, Systems, and Actuarial Aspects of Assessing Risk of FutureDangerousness.

Maryland Psychological Association Conference  Baltimore, MD


Ethics in a School Based Mental Health Setting

Annual Child and Adolescent Mental Health Conference.  Baltimore, MD


Measuring and Communicating Risk in a Mental Health Population.

University of MD Department of Psychiatry lecture  Baltimore, MD


Sample Talks (1)

Fallen Angels: What Causes Children to Become Violent?

There are over 3 million cases of child maltreatment each year in the US. This means there are 3 million children who, because they didn't receive the love and nurturing that's vital at early stages of development, already have many of the risk factors that lead to acts of violence later on in life. This includes rape, murder, sex abuse, and suicide. What can you do as an educator, social worker, counselor, healthcare professional, or parent?



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