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Katina  Sawyer, PhD - Villanova University. Villanova, PA, US

Katina Sawyer, PhD Katina  Sawyer, PhD

Assistant Professor of Human Resource Development | College of Liberal Arts and Sciences | Villanova University


Katina Sawyer, PhD, is an expert in workplace issues, such as job motivation, talent management, gender and LGBT discrimination.






Trans-forming our thoughts on gender | Katina Sawyer | TEDxVillanovaU Katina Sawyer speaks at 2016 Gender & Work Symposium: Talking the Walk Fallout of Sexual Harassment at Fox News (April 2017)


Areas of Expertise (9)

Workplace Behavior Job Attitudes and Motivation Gender Issues Supervision and Management Sexuality and Race Issues in the Workplace Industrial Organization Leadership Human Resources Strategy Motivation and Empowerment


Most Americans spend the majority of their day at work. Unfortunately many workers are unhappy with their organization and management, which results in an unmotivated workforce and decreased employee well-being. Dr. Sawyer is an expert in industrial-organizational psychology, with a specific focus on diversity in the workplace, as well as leadership, work-life balance. She also studies the impact of negative workplace behaviors, such as harassment, abusive supervision, or counterproductive work behaviors, on employees and organizations, as well as the possibility for positive psychological mechanisms, such as mindfulness, hope, and optimism, to buffer these effects. She can offer thoughts on how to increase company effectiveness by leveraging and transforming human resource strategy. Dr. Sawyer has recently written for or appeared in Harvard Business Review, The Christian Science Monitor and Fast Company.

Education (3)

Pennsylvania State University: PhD

Pennsylvania State University: MA

Villanova University: BA

Affiliations (3)

  • Women's Resource Center - Committee Member
  • Dawn's Place - Vice President of the Board
  • Philadelphia Society for People and Strategy, Board Member, Community Connections Co-Chair

Select Media Appearances (5)

Fixing a Toxic Culture Like Uber’s Requires More Than Just a New CEO

The Conversation  


By: Katina Sawyer and Christian Thoroughgood
Recently, Uber has been under fire for a bad corporate culture, which promoted, among other things, sexism and other forms of toxic behavior. This led to a four-month investigation and pressure from the board for founder and CEO Travis Kalanick to take an indefinite leave of absence. He suddenly resigned as CEO on June 20 after several major investors demanded he step down...

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O'Reilly and changing a culture of sexual harassment

The Christian Science Monitor  


When Fox News was forced to part ways with their wildly successful host Bill O’Reilly this week, many pointed out an all-too-common problem in many American businesses: a culture that tolerates sexual harassment. ... Katina Sawyer, a professor in the human resource development program at Villanova University near Philadelphia, says "a zero-tolerance policy for harassment is necessary to counterbalance the long-standing culture." “Ambiguity around sexual harassment policies breeds negative behaviors,” Professor Sawyer continues. “If companies want to make it clear that sexual harassment is not tolerated, they need to have clear reporting channels and take consistent action when allegations are found to have merit.”

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How A Group Of CEOs Plans To Solve Gender Inequality At Their Companies

Fast Company  


Technology may be pushing the rate of change ever faster, but so far, no app or bot has been able to accelerate the pace of parity for women in leadership. According to the most recent report by LeanIn.org and McKinsey, women account for only 20% of staff at the senior vice president level and 20% of line roles that lead to the C-suite. ... More recent research from Katina Sawyer and Anna Marie Valerio published in the Harvard Business Review revealed that not only do male sponsors help level the playing field for their female proteges, they tend to do so by involving both men and women to help with that advancement.

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The Men Who Mentor Women

Harvard Business Review  


By: Anna Marie Valerio and Katina Sawyer.
While women make up 51.5% of all managers, much fewer women rise to the C-suite. A survey of 25,000 Harvard Business School graduates found that although male and female graduates had similar levels of ambition, men were significantly more likely to have positions in senior management, direct reports, and profit-and-loss responsibility.

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Presidential Election Is Stressing Out Workers, Hurting Productivity



The contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for president of the United States is stressing out workers and inciting workplace arguments that are hurting productivity, according to new findings by the American Psychological Association (APA). ... Katina Sawyer, an assistant professor of psychology and graduate programs in human resource development at Villanova University in Pennsylvania, observed that people feel their very identity is being discussed daily on cable TV. Moreover, she said, people may feel that Trump's focus on Muslims, immigrants and women's appearances isolates them from co-workers who support Trump's views.

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Select Academic Articles (4)

Who Wants to Follow the Leader? Using Personality and Work Value Profiles to Predict Preferences for Charismatic, Ideological, and Pragmatic Styles of Leading Journal of Business and Psychology

Christian N. Thoroughgood, Katina B. Sawyer


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The Importance of Being “Me”: the Relation Between Authentic Identity Expression and Transgender Employees’ Work-related Attitudes and Experiences Journal of Applied Psychology

Larry R Martinez, Katina B. Sawyer, Christian N. Thoroughgood, Enrica N. Ruggs, & Nicholas A. Smith


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Destructive Leadership: A Critique of Leader-Centric Perspectives and Toward a More Holistic Definition Journal of Business Ethics

Christian N. Thoroughgood, Katina B. Sawyer, Art Padilla, Laura Lunsford


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Making the case for male champions for gender inclusiveness at work Organizational Dynamics

Katina Sawyer, Anna Marie Valerio


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