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Kelly Odell Kelly Odell

Chairman | Astrakan Strategic Education

G�teborg/Stockholm, SWEDEN

Entertaining and provocative speaker with many years of senior management experience in global corporations. Kelly focuses on how organizati



Kelly Odell is a highly sought after management speaker who brings leadership theory to life and turns business buzz words on their heads. Kelly's focus is on helping organizations turn sound strategy into real performance excellence. Kelly has an interesting background to say the least. Born and raised in a small town in Oklahoma but living in working in Sweden most of his adult life. Studied theology as an undergraduate in the USA and then did his MBA at the Stockholm School of Economics. Having held high level management positions at both American and European companies Kelly has real life experience of the world he talks about.

If you are looking for a speaker who has credibility with everyone from Senior management to front-line employees Kelly is the right speaker for you. Kelly is entertaining, provocative and inspiring. He has also one numerous awards as a public speaker.

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Management Consulting



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Change Management: From Word to Action

Leadership Under Pressure: Crises Management

Ten Commandments for Leaders

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Are you sailing on the winds or change or just getting blown around�

Most change initiatives fail. This may sound tough but it is also true. Anywhere between 2/3 and 95% of all change initiatives in large organizations fail to reach set out goals. What is it that some organizations do that set them apart from others. Why do some organizations consistently perform better in change situations� Kelly gives thought provocing insight into the elements that make or break successful and lasting change.



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