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Ken Bodnar - Moncton, NB, CA

Ken Bodnar

Chief Technology Officer |

Moncton, NB, CANADA

Technology Maven & Evangelist For Transformative Digital Design.





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Ken Bodnar, Selectbidder CTO has had a long and varied career in technology. For 14 years he worked in the Technology Division of a major defense contractor, before becoming a consulting technical architect to the Canadian Government.

His achievements include an engineering phase of Connecting Canadians -- a technology initiative that straddled the fields of technology and sociology, creating 8,500 free internet access sites for disadvantaged Canadians. This "Bridging of the Digital Divide" won Canada the Stockholm Committee Gold Medal in e-Government for two years in a row. It was lauded in nine different Throne Speeches and created economic offset in underdeveloped regions.

Ken was a Technical Architect to the Canadian 38th General Election. He engineered the Labour Market Information Bank creating a national network of kiosks for job seekers. He was a technical architect for the Income Security Systems Delivery Network -- the delivery mechanism that insures Old Age Pensions for Canadians. He served as the Senior Engineer to the Applications Hosting Group of the Ministry of Public Works, that provided computing infrastructure to government agencies and departments that did not have their own IT departments.

Mr.Bodnar was the Chief Technology Officer for a private financial institution in Nassau, where he designed the micropayments and smart card platforms that powered a pre-paid debit Card and Club Grand Bahamas -- the world’s first all-inclusive island.
He designed data mining and mobile solutions for epidemiological service delivery in under-served African nations. Currently he is the CTO for a remarketing platform using innovative patent-pending technologies integrated with social networks and machine intelligence.

Most recently, he has found himself working at the intersection of the emergent technologies of Blockchain, Internet of Things, Analytics, Big Data, and Semantic.

Ken is the author of "The Ten Living Principles - The Craft & Creed of Transformative Digital Design" where he expounds the Steve Jobs recipe of digital design. It is a call to action for designers to become digital craftsmen and elevate the job to that of a respected profession and calling.

Industry Expertise (3)

Computer Software

Computer/Network Security


Areas of Expertise (13)

Semantic Technology


Big Data


Semantic Blockchain


Craftsmanship in Digital Design

Intelligent Systems

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine Learning On Real Data.

Machine Learning

Digital Design

AI Chatbots

Accomplishments (1)

Creator of Semantic Blockchain Platform Linking to IoT (professional)

Creation of a hardware/software algorithm that writes to a semantic blockchain.



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Patents (1)




DYNAMIC HIERARCHICAL FIRST RIGHT OF REFUSAL OFFER METHOD FOR ONLINE SALES TRANSACTIONS Application number: 20150154672 Abstract: A method comprising providing an indication that a purchasable is for sale by a seller to an online sales platform connected to a communication network. Buyer data is provided for a plurality of buyers and is indicative of online shopping behavior of each of the buyers. A first group and second group of buyers is selected from the plurality of buyers in dependence on the buyer data. A first offer of sale of the purchasable is provided to each buyer of the first group of buyers and not to any other buyers. If a request to purchase the purchasable is received from one of the buyers of the first group of buyers the purchasable is sold to the one of the buyers of the first group. If a request to purchase the purchasable is not received from one of the buyers of the first group of buyers a second offer of sale of the purchasable is automatically provided to each buyer of the second group.

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