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Ken Buist Ken Buist

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Ken, a Transformational Speaker, is a renowned innovator in the field of achieving personal excellence through the nurture of our 'seeds of

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Design Your Detiny

We are each responsible for our own destiny. All of us have the potential for an abundant and prosperous life. We each have the potential to achieve great things, yet many of us will die before realising our full potential or achieving the life we always wanted. Our destination will become our destiny. During this presentation, Ken traces the pathway from individual initial thought to eventual destiny. He examines what we can do at different stages of the pathway to ensure we transform our lives, thereby designing the destiny we want. This is a real ?Ah ha? presentation which 'turns the light bulb on? for many. Ken provides the means by which individuals can radically transform their lives, enabling them to turn what was a hope or dream into a vision and reality.


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