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"Customer Service or 'Customers Serve Us?'"

Have you ever felt whenever you were in a place of business that the employees really didn't care whether you were there or not? I have even felt as if I were being viewed by owners and employees alike as existing for their benefit. Far too many times I have encountered service personnel that made no attempt to hide their annoyance at my questions and comments. More often than not, whenever I've provided feedback that was intended to be helpful and constructive it has been met with joking, excuse-making, patronization or obvious, even if polite, disregard. What can be done to make the experiences we have with American businesses more enjoyable, satisfying and fun? In this program you will learn the seven "Fs" of making customers? experience with your organization outstanding and memorable. Participants will learn how to use each of these approaches at the appropriate times for maximum benefit for the customer. The various customer types will be identified and written action plans for each type will be devised for immediate implementation back on the job.


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