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Kevin Sidebottom - Bottom To Top Consulting. Southgate, MI, US

Kevin Sidebottom

President | Bottom To Top Consulting


Experienced dynamic speaker that engages the audience to reach higher and work harder to accomplish greatness





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Kevin Sidebottom has been working with organizations large and small helping their employees work together to find a purpose filled and light hearted environment that increases the organizations productivity. Individuals need to know they are appreciated and needed before they can feel accepted and empowered. Kevin’s programs are simple, down to earth, and motivating to make your employees top performers.

Kevin will empower your employeesand students how to:

Become self motivated and achieve greater results
Create a sense of ownership in the organization which will increase productivity and a better quality of life.
Find their leadership qualities to grow with the organization and empower others.

Industry Expertise (7)

Social Media

Training and Development



Business Services

Corporate Leadership


Areas of Expertise (7)

Inspirational Corporate Leadership

The Selling Process

Getting More From Your Customers

Re-Energize Your Team

Money-Smart Students

Lead in College and Beyond

Productive Students

Accomplishments (2)

2007 Salesman of the Year (professional)

Top performance for 58% growth. Top performer in the United States for Wright Manufacturing.

Emerging Leader (personal)

From the University of Michigan

Education (2)

University of Michigan - Dearborn: Bachelors, Electrical Engineering 2004

Dale Carnegie: Effective communication and Human Relations 2006

Many awards from peers of achieving higher results.

Affiliations (3)

  • University of Michigan
  • NACE
  • AFA

Sample Talks (5)

Be an Inspirational Corporate Leader

Learn five categories successful leaders must master How to cultivate your greatest strengths How to build solid relationships and influence people Learn what will form your legacy

Be A Money-Smart Student

How many college students have their education completely paid for? If you are like me, you needed to budget. Do not get caught up in the idea that putting meals, books, and extra-curricular activities on credit cards is the only way. Find out the tricks of budgeting and having fun during the best years of your life. The skills learned in this program: How to budget and avoid paying high interest rates for the rest of your life. Learn how your coffee is costing you millions How to date on a budget and not come off cheap Investing now can make you a millionaire in the future

The Sales Process

It seems that with new technologies it gets harder and harder to accomplish sales goals. Excuses of recession, incorrect products offerings, price being too high, etc are holding your sales hostage. Today’s customer is more informed and merely being a nice trust worthy individual does not close sales. Utilizing the methods used in this program you will grow sales and have fun while doing it. The skills learned in this program: Understanding the five steps in purchasing decision and understanding why people buy. Learn the art of tie back questions Develop your “Road Map to Success” for each customer fast and easy What is needed after the sale is completed

Lead in College and Beyond

The most influential leaders of our time were not just great at selling their ideas, they were much more. They had special qualities that set them apart. In this keynote learn to utilize your talents and leverage your strengths. By learning how to master your gifts so you will be able to influence everyone you meet. The skills learned in this program: Learn the five categories all successful leaders must master How to cultivate your greatest strengths How to build solid relationships and influence people Learn what will form your legacy

Achieve Greater Results In College

Top achievers are great at time management. To achieve great results you must be on top of your time management. Only you can accomplish your goals and you need time to get it done. In this program you will learn strategies that you can put to action right away and see amazing results. The skills learned in this program: How to take your timeline and strategize for best results Strategies to make each day more productive than the last Wake each morning fully charged and ready to accomplish with optimism Practices to make your body and mind respond faster



  • Keynote
  • Workshop Leader
  • Author Appearance


2000 to 3000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee