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Kevin Vincent - University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, US

Kevin Vincent

M.D./Chair | University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

Dr. Kevin Vincent is the director of the UF Running Medicine Clinic and medical director of the UF Sports Performance Center.


Dr. Kevin Vincent is the John H. and Mary Lou Dashburg Chair of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He has published numerous articles and presented nationally in the areas of running, running medicine, sports medicine, sport nutrition, resistance exercise and exercise adaptations in healthy and clinical populations. Dr. Vincent’s clinical interest is running medicine, sports medicine and musculoskeletal medicine with particular emphasis on running, overuse injuries and participation in strength training. He is the director of the UF Running Medicine Clinic and lectures at conferences nationwide on running medicine and running related injuries. He is also the Course Director for the Annual Running Medicine Conference held each spring at the University of Florida. Dr. Vincent is the medical director of the UF Sports Performance Center and is active in exercise and running related research.

Areas of Expertise (9)

Exercise for Older Adults

Adaptations to Excercise

Resistance Exercise

Sports Medicine


Running Medicine


Kinetic Chain


Media Appearances (2)

Six reasons why rest days actually boost your running

Runner's World  online


Taking time off from running, even if it’s just one day, can be a lot tougher than it sounds. We tend to focus on the positive aspects of the sport, and rightfully so: Running allows us to get outside, bust stress, strengthen our muscles, fuel creativity, and be competitive—and all those endorphins help improve our moods and reign in our crankiness.

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LaVonne's injury kept her out of the competition

UF Health  online


LaVonne Rembert is a dedicated Ironman triathlete. As an avid athlete and member of Gainesville’s expansive running community, she was used to taking care of her body and her health. After recurring hip pain for about a month that wouldn’t subside and greatly hindered her workouts, she finally went to see Dr. Kevin Vincent, a well-known member of the Gainesville running community.

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Articles (2)

Musculoskeletal pain in lacrosse officials impacts function on the field

Res Sports Med

Heather K. Vincent, et al.


This study determined the prevalence of joint pain among lacrosse officials and described the impact of pain thereof on current officiating duties on the field. Members of the US Lacrosse Officials Development Programme were provided with an electronic survey (a 15.7% response rate resulted in N = 1,441 of completed surveys). Pain sites and severity, previous injuries and current impact of musculoskeletal pain on officiating duties were captured.

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Use of Point of Care Ultrasound during Shoulder Reduction

Current Sports Medicine Reports

Kathryn Anne Dasburg and Kevin R. Vincent


Shoulder dislocations are frequently encountered by sports medicine providers, both on the sideline and in the emergency room. There are several shoulder reduction techniques available depending on both location of the injury and provider preference. On occasion, sedation will be required for the reduction if attempts to reduce a shoulder without sedation have failed. In the emergency room, X-rays are taken prior to any reduction attempt to confirm dislocation type and whether or not a coexisting fracture exists. If a patient requires sedation, they are moved to a room where appropriate monitoring and supplies are available, appropriate medications are administered, and reduction is then attempted while the patient is sedated.

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