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Kevin James Saunders - Oculus Training. Vancouver, BC, CA

Kevin James Saunders

Global Learning & Support | Oculus Training

Vancouver, BC, CANADA

Global Learning & Development Partner





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Kevin James Saunders, is a member of the Global Learning and Development team at Oculus Training Group, a boutique corporate learning company based in Vancouver, Canada.

Although he has been known to tell a joke or two...or three, he is not just about a fun time. There is more to this man! He did fill his head with some scholarly tidbits from the College Saint-Charles-Garnier, Memorial University and the University of Quebec. If that wasn’t enough, he continues to grow his brain by finishing his Masters Degree in Organizational Change from the University of
York St. John. KJ knew that your book-smarts only benefit you when put into practice! That is why he gained practical work experience in Human Resources, Marketing, Hotel Sales, and Operations.

We wouldn’t want to brag too much, but he has worked with such companies as Mercedes-Benz, Pan
Pacific Hotels, Fairmont Hotels, DevSisters, Gannett, SPCA, Atlific, LeadPages, Delta Hotels, ADT Security, to name a few. Plus, he has conducted and helped design thousands of training sessions throughout his career. (That does sound like bragging, doesn’t it?)

Industry Expertise (8)

Program Development

Corporate Training

Corporate Leadership

Training and Development


Hotels and Resorts

Human Resources

Professional Training and Coaching

Areas of Expertise (8)

Hotel and Resort Training

Sensitivity Training

Bullying and Harassment

Training & Development

Human and Organizational Development

Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

Cultural Diversity Training

Customer Service Training

Education (4)

College St Charles Garnier: French 1997

Memorial University of Newfoundland: Science Studies 2002

Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières: French 2000

York St. John College: Masters, Organizational Development 2012

Testimonials (2)

Natasha Purnell, Chief Culture Officer | Park Insurance

The training with Oculus had the best engagement levels compared with any other trainings we have had in the past.

Paul Biglore, Owner | Lauren Studios

As a portrait photography company that works with college seniors all across the country, our clients represent perhaps the most diverse client set in the world. Universities, contract with us to create excellent portraits of their students where they look good, relaxed and engaged. They also expect and deserve to have us create these portraits in a way that makes the students always comfortable. And while we have always strived to deliver this to our customers, sometimes, in spite of the substantial efforts we put forth forth, we fell short. That is when we reached out to Oculus. Oculus has been an amazing resource for us and a real partner in helping us increase awareness and sensitivity in our organization. They created a training program specifically around our needs and helped us to understand better and more successful ways to communicate with our customers. They taught us to discard the “Golden Rule” for the “Platinum Rule”, Treat others as they want to be treated. They helped us change our mindset. We used to assume that as long as we didn’t intend to offend anyone , that was OK. Our new mindset is to make sure we are consciously aware of the ways to treat people how they want to be treated. As a result of all of this, our customers are happier ! We are a better organization, and one that I am very proud of.

Sample Talks (1)

Intent Vs. Perception

People often state that they didn’t “intend” to offend or that they didn’t “mean” to hurt someone. That doesn’t change the outcome. It is essential to separate intent from perception. If someone has been hurt, it doesn’t matter what your intention was. It matters how the person was left feeling. In this talk, we can discuss accountability, intent, and perception.



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