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Kieran Revell - Our Global Destiny. Sydney, NSW, AU

Kieran Revell Kieran Revell

Founder & CEO | Our Global Destiny


"The Success Wizard" International 'Spiritual Leadership', 'Empowered Communication' & 'Bridging the Generation Gap' Speaker & Coach



Involved with the myriad aspects of personal development and motivation for more than 20 years. In addition he has taught media and interpersonal presentation for fifteen years, where he imparted to students the rudiments of interaction. These include finding the connection with the audience; building confidence; creating stage presence; using the the voice - pitch, inflection and intonation - adlib skills; improvisation and correct use of the stage (and the camera).

Has recently published his powerful new e-book on personal/professional enrichment: 'Spiritual Leadership - Positive Thoughts; Inspired Action: An Empowered Life' (

Kieran has developed high energy and information programs for on 'The Seven Fundamental Laws of Spiritual Leadership for the Purpose-driven Business' and 'Empowered Communication'. they are designed to assist your business to thrive in an increasingly competitive world.

His previous book - 'Awakening the Unstoppable Power Within' received outstanding testimonials from the world's leading speakers and coaches: They include Dr. John F. Demartini; Brian Tracy; Loral Langemeier; Bob Proctor; Bill Bartmann; Terry Hawkins; Chris Widener; Jim Donovan; Tom McCarthy; Jim Stovall; Lance Hood; Dr. Joe Rubino; James Malinchak et al.

Success and prosperity are rights for all, rather than privileges for a few fortunate individuals. There is a science to becoming prosperous and once an individual and/or corporation realises this and understands the nature of the process, they will turn a corner.

Kieran has a genuine respect for the beliefs and opinions of others. He is literally a fountain of knowledge on all contributing aspects of personal development. He's also a great listener - a crucial aspect of effective communication.

He has a great sense of humour and enjoys the positive interaction with a motivated audience. He also has an excellent sense of timing.

When you make up your mind to be successful and take steps to put your plans into action, literally nothing can stop you.

Make the choice today to allow nothing to stand in your way. Don't stop dreaming of a better life. Instead, put your plan of action into play and begin the process of realisation.

The possibilities for success suddenly become endless.

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The 7 Fundamental Laws of Spiritual Leadership for the Purpose-driven Business

7 crucial laws of leadership for empowering & enriching the workplace. An outline of what's required to improve workplace harmony and inspire others to do their best in their given/chosen roles. The course examines integrity; trust; respect; understanding, honesty; encouragement; support; assistance; commitment; effective communication (open door); enrichment; knowledge; encouragement, wisdom and their place in business. Effective communication is a learned skill: It enriches the workplace.



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2200 to 5500 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee