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*Dr. Kleber Molina, MD has been inspiring and educating audiences for 15 years. Born in Cuenca Ecuador the youngest of 9 children, Dr. Kleber Molina graduated from Medical School. He brings life lessons and techniques gathered during these years to America. Dr. Kleber Molina worked as an Internal Medicine Doctor and served an Intensive Care Unit specialist while in Ecuador. He arrived with his family in the United States in 2000. He has worked with Adolescents with Drug Addictions and Behavior Problems.

Audiences will appreciate his creative style of delivering life lessons while learning valuable techniques to implement in their own family setting. Dr. Kleber Molina brings a unique approach to the stage that increases understanding while entertaining the audience. He engages and inspires participation from each member. Being an immigrant to the States he understands how hard it is to raise a family in an unfamiliar setting. He brings this knowledge to each session in hopes to help others raise productive and respected children to adulthood. Dr. Kleber Molina utilizes his scientific knowledge to explain life principles. These principles have been implanted in his own family. He has two daughters. One daughter is completing her Masters in Microbiology and the other is a gymnast champion.

Dr. Kleber Molina began speaking after coming to the United States. As an educator and doctor he has gained extensive experience teaching and speaking with diverse groups. Audiences have commented on his ability to deliver his concepts in a simple but effective way that allows them to begin implementing principles in their own life. His brings a level of energy that is contagious to each member of the audience. Dr. Kleber Molina graduated from State University Medical School in Cuenca Ecuador. He has worked as a Medical Doctor as well as an educator. He has been an instructor, Academic Dean and Program Director. He has received awards for his performance as well as appeared on Television and Radio. He is Bilingual in English and Spanish.

Dr. Kleber Molina is the author of "The Champion", a book which helps Hispanic families to cope within a new society as well as raise their children.

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