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Kris King Kris King

President | Innovative Learning Group dba Wings Seminars, Inc.


An experienced speaker who inspires audiences to live expansively, achieve their goals and be exceptional leaders in all areas of their live

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Corporate Leadership

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Living With Vision and Purpose

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5 Simple Changes To Live A More Fulfilled Life

5 Simple Changes to assist people to stay awake and learning in their lives. 1. Moving from victim to accountable. 2. It's about me. 3. All thoughts and emotions come from one of two sources, fear or love. 4. We do not describe the world we see, but we see the world we describe. 5. What I give my attention to grows stronger. Excerpt: "I want to share five of the most significant shifts in consciousness that have helped me practice staying awake, being resourceful and proactive. My hope is, they will support you in remembering how powerful you are in each moment to create the world you want to live in? now."


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