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Kristen  Hayer - Amity. San Francisco Bay Area, CA, US

Kristen Hayer

Founder & CEO | The Success League

San Francisco Bay Area, CA, UNITED STATES

Kristen's areas of customer success expertise include building teams, selecting and implementing technology, and customer engagement.




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Kristen serves as the CEO and principal of The Success League, a consulting firm focused on customer success. Her areas of expertise include designing revenue models, assessing customer touch-points, selecting technology, building teams, and developing playbooks.

Prior to founding The Success League, Kristen built and led award-winning customer success teams for Jazz, VerticalResponse and Ascentis. Over the past 20 years she has been a sales, marketing and customer success leader, primarily working with early stage tech companies. Kristen has her BA from Seattle Pacific University and her MBA from the University of Washington.

Industry Expertise (1)

Corporate Leadership

Areas of Expertise (5)


Business Developement


Sales Process


Education (2)

University of Washington, Michael G. Foster School of Business: MBA, Finance

Seattle Pacific University - School of Business and Economics: B.A., Marketing

Selected Blog Posts (3)

Adding Value to Customer Interactions

The Success League


CSMs who call clients to “just check in”. Support reps who provide bare minimum answers to customer questions. Implementation specialists who narrowly focus on product configuration. What do they have in common? They are squandering rare opportunities to add value to customer interactions...

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5 Commission Alternatives for Customer Success

The Success League


A few weeks ago I wrote a post about variable compensation plans for customer success teams. Since then, several people have asked me about alternatives to commission or bonus plans. Some of them don’t work for companies that are supportive of variable comp in general, and others just didn’t budget for it this year. So, how do you encourage the behavior you want from your team without an incentive plan? Here are 5 alternatives to a classic variable compensation plan...

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The QBR Mistakes You Need To Stop Making


Mathilde Augustin


QBRs are an amazing opportunity, but they're also where dropping the ball has the most painful impact. We asked leading Customer Success experts to share the biggest QBR mistakes Customer Success teams are guilty of, and how to avoid them moving forward.

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