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Kristina R.  Llewellyn - Renison University College, University of Waterloo. Waterloo , ON, CA

Kristina R. Llewellyn

Associate Professor, Department of Social Development Studies | Renison University College, University of Waterloo

Waterloo , ON, CANADA

Professor Llewellyn studies the Education, History, and Equity.



Kristina R.  Llewellyn Publication Kristina R.  Llewellyn Publication Kristina R.  Llewellyn Publication Kristina R.  Llewellyn Publication




XIII Encontro Nacional de História Oral - Conferência de Abertura




Dr. Llewellyn has broken new ground internationally in the study of oral history, history education, citizenship education, and the history of education. In 2012, she authored Democracy’s Angels: The Work of Women Teachers. The Canadian Oral History Reader, which she co-edited and published in 2015, is the first primer on oral history scholarship ever produced in Canada. Oral History and Education: Theories Dilemmas and Practices, published in 2017, is the first comprehensive assessment of oral history education within 21st century schooling. She is the author of dozens of award-winning journal articles and book chapters; an impressive volume for an early-career scholar in history and education. Now an Associate Professor of Social Development Studies, she has spoken at more than 20 national and international conferences, including several invited keynotes. She recently served as President of the Canadian History of Education Association and an advisor for the national traveling museum exhibit Trailblazing Women in Canada. Dr. Llewellyn is the Principal Investigator of the SSHRC project Citizens of the World: Youth, Global Citizenship, and the Model United Nations. She is also the Director of the SSHRC project Digital Oral Histories for Reconciliation. This project creates virtual reality oral histories with former residents of the Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children to assess how virtual storytelling may redress historical harms with youth in schools.

Areas of Expertise (6)

Virtual Reality Storytelling

History of Education

History Education

Oral History

Citizenship Education

Women's History

Accomplishments (12)

Partnership Development Grant, SSHRCC, Digital Oral Histories for Reconciliation: The Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children History Education Initiative

2016 - 2019

Bob Harding and Lois Claxton Humanities and Social Sciences Endowment Fund Fellowship, University of Waterloo

2016 - 2017

Short-Term Scholarly Events Grant, Canadian Society for the Study of Education


UBC Education’s 100, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia


Marion Dewar Award, National Capital Committee on the Scholarship, Preservation & Dissemination of Women's History


Connection Grant, SSHRCC, Oral History and Education: International Workshop


Small Projects Grant, The History Education Network (THEN/HiER)


Renison Research Grant, Renison University College, University of Waterloo

2013 and 2014

Sanford Riley Fellow in Canadian History, University of Winnipeg


Outstanding Publication in Curriculum Studies, Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies


Aid to Scholarly Publications Program Grant, SSHRCC


Standard Research Grant, SSHRCC

2010 - 2013, extended to 2016

Education (5)

University of Ottawa: Post-Doctorate, Faculty of Education 2008

University of British Columbia: Ph.D., Educational Studies 2006

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto: M.A., Theory and Policy Studies in Education 2002

Queen’s University: B.Ed., Concurrent Education 2000

Queen’s University: B.A. 1999

Affiliations (7)

  • Associate Member : Department of Sociology, University of Waterloo
  • Associate Member : Women’s Studies Program, University of Waterloo
  • Past President : Canadian History of Education Association (CHEA)
  • Editorial Board : Oral History Forum/d’histoire orale
  • Research Associate : Making History: Narrative and Collective Memory in Education, University of Ottawa
  • Director : Digital Oral Histories for Reconciliation (DOHR): The Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children History Education Initiative
  • Member : The Games Institute, University of Waterloo

Media Appearances (4)

Virtual reality a 'teacher's dream' but high cost keeps it largely out of schools

CBC News  


And Kristina Llewellyn, a professor at the University of Waterloo and faculty member at The Games Institute is working on a $500,000 dollar VR project for Nova Scotia high school students — dubbed the Digital Oral Histories for Reconciliation (DOHR) project. "There's great criticism about VR and technology generally for education, that it is about disconnection and a lack of communication skills for young people," she said. "This is meant to do the opposite."...

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Some Truth and Reconciliation Recommendations More Easily Enacted Than Others

Yahoo! News  


“They cover everything from child welfare and education to a national centre of reconciliation, which has already been established, and work in the justice system,” Kristina Llewellyn, an associate professor of social development studies at University of Waterloo, tells Yahoo Canada News...

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Reconciliation: Healing the Nation

BBC News  


With the recent election of a new, Liberal government, the issue of reconciliation between Canada's indigenous peoples and the rest of the population is again high on the agenda. So what is the best way to atone for the wrongdoings of the past? The Honourable Justice Murray Sinclair, chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission; Kristina Llewellyn, professor of Social Development studies at the University of Waterloo; and Torsten Klengel, a German psychiatrist and geneticist now based at Harvard Medical School in the USA offer their views to Bridget Kendall and the Spur Festival audience at the National Gallery in Ottawa...

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Education Must Follow Reconciliation Commission, UW Prof Says

The Record  


It's now time to educate our children, says University of Waterloo associate professor and oral history expert Kristina Llewellyn. That's one important way she believes aboriginals and non-aboriginals can go forward in the wake of the commission's findings and recommendations regarding "cultural genocide" spanning 130 years. "We're trying to figure out a way in which this historical legacy of trauma can be addressed with our youngest generation," said Llewellyn, the president of the Canadian History of Education Association, who attended a few commission events in Ottawa...

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Event Appearances (12)

Llewellyn, K. (June 2016). Restorative Approaches to Education: Beyond Discipline

Halifax, Nova Scotia  Presented at Exploring Possibilities: A Restorative Approach to Climate and Culture in Education, Workplaces and Professions

Llewellyn, K. (May 2016). Community, Cosmopolitanism, and Creativity: On the Mobility of Shared Time and Curricular Conversation

Presidential Panel for the Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies  University of Calgary

Llewellyn, K. (May 2016). What is ‘Good’ Feminist Oral History: Truth, Language, and Identity

Centre for Research and Documentation of Contemporary History of Brazil (CPDOC)  Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Llewellyn, K. (April 2016). What is ‘Good’ Feminist Oral History: Truth, Language, and Identity

Department of History, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Porto Alegre, Brazil.  

Llewellyn, K. (May 2016). Back to the Future: The Political Power of Oral History Education

Brazilian Oral History Association  Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Llewellyn, K. (April 2016). The Oral History Education Project

Governor General Awards for Excellence in History Teaching Symposium  Canada’s History Society, University of Ottawa

Llewellyn, K. (September 2015). Why Young People Should Tell Tales: Oral History Education and Canada’s Political Future

Centre for Oral History and Tradition  University of Lethbridge

Llewellyn, K. (October 2015). Oral History in Canada, Past and Present

International Workshop on Oral History  Oral History Centre, University of Winnipeg

Llewellyn, K. (September 2015). Oral History as a Feminist Encounter

Faculty Workshop for Centre for Oral History and Tradition  University of Lethbridge

Llewellyn, K. (July 2015). Oral History and Peace Education

Program in Education, Duke University  Oral Histories in Education (CULANTH 290S.01)

Llewellyn, K. (June 2015). Model United Nations and Global Citizenship: Character, Politics, and Currency

The UN at 70: Canadian Perspectives (Symposium)  McMaster University

Llewellyn, K. (October 2012). Schooled for Democracy: The History of Education in Canada

H. Sanford Riley Fellowship in Canadian History Lecture  Centre for Canadian History, University of Winnipeg

Articles (11)

Llewellyn, K. (2017). Back to the Future: The Political Power of Oral History Education/ De volta para o Futuro: o poder político de Oral Educação História.

In M. Frotscher, L. Grinberg, e C.S. Rodeghero (Orgs.) História Oral, Práticas Educacionais e Interdisciplinaridade.

São Leopoldo/RS: Editora Óikos.

Llewellyn, K. and S. Cook. (2017). Oral History as Peacebuilding Pedagogy.

In K. Llewellyn and N. Ng-A-Fook (eds.) Oral History and Education: Theories, Dilemmas, and Practices.

New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Llewellyn, K. and J. Llewellyn. (2015). A Restorative Approach to Learning: Relational Theory as Feminist Pedagogy in Universities.

In T. Penny Light, J. Nicholas and R. Bondy (eds.) Feminist Pedagogy in Higher Education: Critical Theory and Practice.

Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier Press, pp.11-31.

Llewellyn, K., A. Freund, and N. Reilly. (2015). Introduction.

In K. Llewellyn, A. Freund, and N. Reilly (eds.) The Canadian Oral History Reader.

Montreal-Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, pp. 3-21.

Llewellyn, K. (2015). Productive Tensions: Feminist Readings of Women Teachers’ Oral Histories.

In K. Llewellyn, A. Freund, and N. Reilly (eds.) The Canadian Oral History Reader.

Montreal-Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, pp. 141-158.

Llewellyn, K. (2013). Teaching June Cleaver, Being Hazel Chong: An Oral History of Gender, Race, and National ‘Character.’

In C. Carstairs and N. Janovicek (eds.) Feminist History in Canada: New Essays on Women, Gender, Work, and Nation.

Vancouver: UBC Press, pp. 178-199.

Llewellyn, K. (2013). ‘Better Teachers, Biologically Speaking’: The Authority of the ‘Marrying-Kind’ of Teacher in Postwar Schools.

In P. Gentile and J. Nicholas (eds.), Contesting Bodies and Nation in Canadian History.

Toronto: University of Toronto Press, pp. 347-367.

Kennelly, J. and K. Llewellyn. (2011). Educating for Active Compliance: Discursive Constructions in Citizenship Education.

Citizenship Studies 15 (6-7): 897-914.

[Awarded the Outstanding Publication in Curriculum Studies from the Canadian Association of Curriculum Studies for 2012.]

Llewellyn, K., S. Cook, and A. Molina. (2010). Civic Learning: Moving from the Apolitical to the Socially Just.

Journal of Curriculum Studies 42 (6)


Llewellyn, K. and J. Westheimer. (2009). Beyond Facts and Acts: The Implications of ‘Ordinary Politics’ for Youth Political Engagement.

Citizenship Teaching and Learning 5 (2): 50-61.

[Special issue on Canadian citizenship education, guest edited by A. Sears.]

Llewellyn, K., S. Cook, J. Westheimer, A. Molina and K. Suurtamm. (2007). The State and Potential of Civic Learning in Canada. Ottawa

Canadian Policy Research Networks, pp. 1-54.

[Collection of articles produced by CPRN, Lost in Translation: (Mis)Understanding Youth Engagement.]

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