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Kurt Schindler - Michigan State University. Beulah, MI, US

Kurt Schindler Kurt Schindler

Distinguished Senior Educator Emeritus | Michigan State University


Kurt Schindler is an expert in land use (planning and zoning) and economic development as practiced by local units of government.





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Kurt H. Schindler, AICP, is a Distinguished Senior Educator Emeritus in Government and Public Policy, with a focus in land use (planning, zoning, community development) and economic development for Michigan State University Extension. He retired from Extension in April 2017. Schindler is well-known to crowds attending Citizen Planner, Michigan Association of Planning, MSU Extension and Networks Northwest training programs. His work with MSU Extension has focused on land use (planning and zoning) with specialization in right to farm act/urban agriculture; property rights; due process; wind energy; public participation; joint planning act; form based code; development in the new/global economy; placemaking; land division act; government fiscal sustainability; and water protection (ground, surface water, and wetlands). He also has more than 38 years of local planning experience in Michigan as a County Planning Director, consultant, and in MSU Extension.

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New Economy

Right to Farm Act

Property Rights


Land Division Act

Water Quality Protection

News (7)

MSUE welcomes Reilly to Manistee County staff

Manistee News  online


Over the course of her 13-year tenure as Mason County’s building and zoning director, Mary Reilly utilized the resources offered by Michigan State University Extension quite frequently. So when the opportunity to reverse roles recently presented itself, Reilly was all in.

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How land patents relate to planning, zoning and property taxes

Michigan State University Extension  online


From time-to-time individuals will make the claim, or argue, that they do not have to pay property tax, are not subject to planning and do not have to get a zoning permit. This is because, they claim their land was patented directly from the U.S. Government.

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A new economic age and playing field

Michigan State University Extension  online


It is not news to most that Michigan was hit hard in the 2009-2014 recession. We lost the most manufacturing jobs of any state, had the highest unemployment and falling median income, and lost more population than any state.

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Placemaking as an Economic Development Tool: A Placemaking Guidebook

School of Planning, Design and Construction Land Policy Institute  online


The Land Policy Institute, in collaboration with the MIplaceTM Partnership Initiative, released the most comprehensive guidebook on placemaking to date, drawing from the best works available.The Placemaking Guidebook seeks to assist neighborhoods and communities with quickly reshaping their thinking and acting on how effective placemaking can greatly enhance community and economic development.

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Local government has an important role for water quality protection: Part 1

MSU Extension  online


Local governments have a very important role to play in protection of surface water, ground water, drinking water and wetlands, often filling in the gaps in state and federal regulations. If local government does not do so with local zoning, those gaps may not be addressed. There are various state and federal laws designed to protect water quality. But relying only on state laws may not do a complete job.

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Planning Generally & Checklists

MSU Extension Planning  online

Planning and Master Plan - Planning Generally & Checklists.

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Zoning Administration & Checklists

MSU Extension Planning  online

Zoning Ordinance - Zoning Administration & Checklists.

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