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Kwela Sabine Hermanns - Social Safari KnowledgeLand. Amsterdam / London, , NL

Kwela Sabine Hermanns

Founder | Social Safari KnowledgeLand

Amsterdam / London, NETHERLANDS

A rare combination of trends, inspiration & solid business strategy



I am addicted to innovation. Currently writing two books; one on new technologies from Silicon Valley, the other on human longevity. I am where the trends will be before even the trends know it. On a less trendy note, but importantly, I have lectured at European universities (incl. full-time) since 1997.

Also bringing the Innovation Safari with its Rapid Prototyping method to the Bay Area next year, working with leading think tank on future of entrepreneurship and writing for Second Sight magazine.

Topics you may consider me for:

new technologies | new media | social media | creativity | ethics

entrepreneurship | (self)branding | innovation | eduction & interactive training

Sample talks:

"Life's a Candy Shop - If you see colour and have teeth"
(How developments in biomedics will affect your business)

"Map for a programmable life" -
(What is the Quantified Self movement & why should you care?)

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Technology Futures

Innovation Strategies

Gamification in Business

Education (1)

University of Westminster / Rotterdam Erasmus / Copenhagen Business School / Cambridge: Master, Entrepreneurship, philosophy, creative industries, economics 2001

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  • Innovation Safari

Sample Talks (1)

Profit through Play

Whether you sell tooth paste, tax services or entertainment goods - the approaching Internet of Things will turn your customer relations into playful, reward based relationships. Find out where the opportunities are, and which threats to look out for. Case studies, on-the-spot diagnosis, interactive scenario mapping.



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