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Kylo-Patrick Hart - Texas Christian University. Fort Worth, TX, US

Kylo-Patrick Hart

Professor and Chair of Film, Television and Digital Media | Texas Christian University


Kylo-Patrick R. Hart teaches courses in film and television history, theory and criticism; film screenwriting; and queer media studies.



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Kylo-Patrick Hart (Ph.D., University of Michigan) is an accomplished photographer and chair of the Department of Film, Television and Digital Media at Texas Christian University, where he teaches courses in film and television history, theory, and criticism; film screenwriting; popular culture; and queer media studies. The author of more than 250 journal articles, chapters, conference papers, and reviews, he is also a core faculty member with TCU's Department of Women and Gender Studies.

To date, Professor Hart has earned three graduate/professional certificates (in film studies, copy editing, and book/magazine publishing), four master's degrees (in communications management, liberal studies, print journalism, and radio-television-film communication), and his Ph.D. (in mass communication, with an emphasis in film and video studies) from major research institutions including Dartmouth College, the University of Michigan, and the University of Southern California. He received his formal training in digital media arts while a student at the University of Michigan and Wayne State University, with additional instruction provided by offerings of the Maine Media Workshops and Santa Fe Workshops.

Areas of Expertise (6)

Masculinity and Sexual Orientation in Film and Entertainment

Queer Media Studies

Media Representations of HIV/AIDS


Popular Culture

International Cinemas

Accomplishments (1)

Plymouth State University Award for Distinguished Scholarship

Plymouth State University

Education (6)

University of Michigan: Ph.D., Mass Communication

with an emphasis in film and video studies

University of Southern California – Los Angeles: M.A.

University of Southern California – Los Angeles: M.A.

Wayne State University: M.A.

Dartmouth College: M.A.

University of California – Berkeley: A.B.

Affiliations (3)

  • Queer Studies in Media & Popular Culture : Founding Co-Editor
  • The Journal of Men’s Studies : Editorial Board Member
  • Studies in the Humanities : Editorial Board Member

Media Appearances (1)

Charles M. Russell’s Finest Watercolors on View at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art Beginning in February 2012

ArtfixDaily  online


On February 11, 2012, the Amon Carter Museum of American Art presents more than 100 of the finest and best-preserved watercolors by Charles M. Russell (1864–1926) in the special exhibition Romance Maker: The Watercolors of Charles M. Russell. Never before have so many of Russell’s singular depictions of the Old West been brought together. The exhibition is on view through May 13, 2012; admission is free.

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Articles (6)

Promoting and Containing New Womanhood in the Pages of Photoplay: The Case Of "Little Mary" Pickford and Her Mediated Alter Egos on the Cusp of the Roaring Twenties

Cultural Intertexts

2020 Actress Mary Pickford is perhaps best remembered for her silent-screen persona “Little Mary.” But there was another important aspect to her Hollywood career that is frequently overlooked today: Pickford’s rise to power and fame corresponded with the era of the “New Woman” in U.S. society.

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Fat Fetishism and Feederism on Film

Cultural Intertexts

Kylo-Patrick R. Hart

2017 The development of queer theory has motivated a growing number of cinematic offerings to move beyond conservative, outdated representational strategies of the past by expanding the range of sexual orientations, sexual practices, and preferred ways of being that historically have remained largely concealed from viewers. Although various forms of 'kinky' sexual practices have increasingly been incorporated into films in recent years, the topic of fat fetishism has only incredibly rarely been explicitly represented and remains one of …

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"Unforgivably Unforgettable: Memory, Childhood Trauma, and Mysterious Skin"

Studies in the Humanities

Hart, Kylo-Patrick R.

2016 It is summer 1981 in Hutchinson, Kansas. Eight-year-old Brian Lackey (played by George Webster) wakes up in the crawlspace under his family's rural home, blood dripping from his nose. He has no idea how he got there, or what has transpired over the preceding five hours of his life; the last thing he remembers is that rain began to fall. As the days and weeks go by, Brian begins to experience terrifying nightmares and wet his bed on a regular basis. He is plagued by recurring nosebleeds, as well as debilitating blackouts. During this same …

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Queer media and the popular imagination

Queer Studies in Media & Popular Culture

Hart, Kylo-Patrick R.

2016 On behalf of myself, my co-editor Bruce Drushel, our associate and reviews editor Shelley Park, the accomplished members of our advisory and editorial boards and the supportive team of publishing professionals at Intellect, I am delighted to introduce you to this exciting new academic journal. Research endeavours pertaining to queerness in media offerings and popular culture have substantially increased in number in recent decades, but until now there has not been a single academic journal that is devoted exclusively to disseminating …

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Queerness and television in the twenty-first century

Queer Studies in Media & Popular Culture,

Hart, Kylo-Patrick R.

2016 As we put the finishing touches on this final issue of Volume 1, I will confess that, in addition to all of the insightful research articles we have published over the past year, I particularly enjoy the classic media reviews that appear in each issue of Queer Studies in Media & Popular Culture. When we decided to include them, we hoped that they would provide opportunities for readers at all levels to learn more about particularly influential media offerings in queer culture with which they were unfamiliar, for possible use in their own …

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We're Here, We're Queer—and We're Better Than You: The Representational Superiority of Gay Men to Heterosexuals on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

The Journal of Men’s Studies

Kylo-Patrick R. Hart

2004 Throughout most of U.S. television history, gay men have been represented, both explicitly and implicitly, as individuals who are always already inferior to heterosexuals. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, the makeover reality series that features five gay men improving the lives of “schlubby” straight men, reverses that representational trend. This groundbreaking television series consistently offers viewers the most positive representation of gay men on U.S. television that has ever been available to them. It does so not only by defying stereotypical media conventions but also by inverting the power dynamic between gay men and straights and encoding its experts as a band of (gay) superheroes that heterosexuals who want to live truly happy lives simply cannot live without.

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