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Laleh Golshahi, Ph.D. - VCU College of Engineering. Richmond, VA, US

Laleh Golshahi, Ph.D. Laleh Golshahi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering | VCU College of Engineering


Dr. Golshahi specializes in aerosol science and in vitro-in vivo correlations for respiratory support, diagnosis and inhalation therapy.


Industry Expertise (3)

Research Education/Learning Mechanical/Industrial Engineering

Areas of Expertise (9)

Aerosol Science and Medicine Gas and aerosol transport in biological systems Respiratory Fluid Mechanics and Transport Phenomena Health related aerosol exposure control Ambient/Indoor Air Quality Control-Gas Filtration Gas-solid separation and filtration Biotherapeutics Particle Engineering Targeted Drug Delivery

Accomplishments (6)

University of Alberta Dissertation Fellowship, Canada (2011-2012) (professional)

Recipient of the University of Alberta Dissertation Fellowship, Canada (2011-2012)

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), PGS National Doctoral Award, Canada (2009-2011) (professional)

Recipient of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), PGS National Doctoral Award, Canada (2009-2011)

Alberta Innovates Graduate Scholarship, Canada (2008-2011) (professional)

Recipient of the Alberta Innovates Graduate Scholarship, Canada (2008-2011)

President’s Doctoral Prize of Distinction (2009) (professional)


Recipient of the President’s Doctoral Prize of Distinction, University of Alberta, Canada (2009-2011).

Saddler Doctoral Award, Canada (2008) (professional)

Recipient of the Saddler Doctoral Award, Canada (2008)

Provost Doctoral Recruitment Scholarship, University of Alberta, Canada (2007-2009) (professional)

Recipient of the Provost Doctoral Recruitment Scholarship, University of Alberta, Canada (2007-2009)

Education (4)

Virginia Commonwealth University: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Pharmaceutics 2014

University of Alberta: Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering 2012

University of Calgary: M.S, Mechanical Engineering 2007

Tehran Polytechnique: B.S., Mechanical Engineering 2002

Affiliations (1)

  • International Society of Aerosol Medicine (ISAM), American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR), ASHRAE, ASME

Research Focus (3)

Applications of Aerosol Technology and Fluid Dynamics in Advancing the Performance and Safety of Pediatric Aerosol Therapy and Respiratory Support

In vitro platforms are developed to understand the respiratory support and inhalation therapy for NICU and PICU

Diagnosis of Early Stages of Obstructive and Constrictive Pulmonary Diseases

Early diagnosis of airway remodeling as a result of respiratory diseases in an unmet need. We are aiming to adapt our in vitro platforms to ease diagnosis of airway remodeling.

Nasal Drug Delivery for Pediatric Population with Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic Rhinitis affects the quality of life and education of children. We aim to understand and improve nasal drug delivery for children

Research Grants (1)

VCU Presidential Research Quest Fund (2017-2018)


This Research Fund in part addresses three initiatives in the VCU's 'Quest for Distinction' Strategic Plan: 1) increasing and diversifying the university's sponsored research; 2) increasing productivity in high impact and translational research; and, 3) increasing interdisciplinary research.

Courses (3)

EGMN 591: ST: Introduction to Particle Science and Technology

EGMN 591: ST: Introduction to Particle Science and Technology is a technical elective course. Particles are ubiquitous in the environment in many different forms such as dusts, pollens, smoke, fume and smog, so the knowledge of their behavior is essential for their control. Understanding the behavior of particles is also the focus of respiratory drug delivery specialists. The course covers the basics of properties of gases, particle motion, size statistics, adhesion of particles, coagulation, condensation and evaporation, electrical and optical properties of particles in carrier gases, filtration and brief discussion of respiratory deposition. The course is beneficial for advanced undergraduates, graduate students and professionals with interests in environmental science, air pollution control, industrial hygiene, radiation protection and pulmonary drug delivery.

EGMN 591: ST: Turbomachinery

This is also a technical elective course. The course is designed with the aim of a balanced coverage of theory and application of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics of turbomachinery. Starting with background principles in fluid mechanics and thermodynamics, the course progresses to discuss axial flow turbines and compressors, centrifugal pumps, fans, and compressors, and radial flow gas turbines, hydraulic turbines, and wind turbines. The course is beneficial for senior undergraduate and graduate students, who are interested in the aerospace, global power, oil & gas and other industries who are involved in the design and operation of turbomachines.

EGMN 201: Dynamics and Kinematics

Dynamics addresses the accelerated motion of a body. The principles of kinematics and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies in two dimensions are covered in this course. Kinematics only considers the geometric aspects of the motion, and kinetics is the part where the forces causing the motion are analyzed.

Selected Articles (3)

Advanced Testing Method to Evaluate the Performance of Respirator Filter Media Journal of occupational and environmental hygiene


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Production of Highly Charged Pharmaceutical Aerosols Using a New Aerosol Induction Charger Pharmaceutical research


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