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Laura June Davis - Southern Utah University. Cedar City, UT, US

Laura June Davis Laura June Davis

Assistant Professor of History | Southern Utah University


Specializing in gender history in the United States, Davis is an expert on women in the military


Laura June Davis is an assistant professor of history and the co-chair of Women's Studies at Southern Utah University. Her teaching and research focus on American history through the 19th century, with an emphasis on gender, identity, community, and the military.

She is currently working on a manuscript that focuses on sabotage, irregular naval warfare, and masculinity during the Civil War.

Davis earned a bachelor of arts in history from Cornell University, a master of science in curriculum and instruction from Texas A&M University, a master of arts in history from George Mason University and a Ph.D. from the University of Georgia.




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Intro to SUU 2250 with Professors Carrie Jo Bucklin and Laura Davis


Industry Expertise (4)


Writing and Editing



Areas of Expertise (15)

United States Naval History

Women in the Military

Gender History in the United States

Women's Studies

Social Studies Education

Naval History


Historical Research

Higher Education

Gender History

Community Outreach

American History

American Civil War

Gender Issues in Higher Education

Mentoring Women in Higher Education

Education (4)

University of Georgia: Ph.D., American History

George Mason University: M.A., History

Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi: M.S., Curriculum and Instruction

Cornell University: B.A., History

Accomplishments (2)

Excellence in Teaching Award (professional)

University of Georgia Graduate School, 2015

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award (professional)

University of Georgia Graduate School, 2011

Affiliations (7)

  • Southern Utah University Women's Network
  • Organization of American Historians
  • Southern Historical Society
  • Society for Civil War Historians
  • Society for Military History
  • Phi Alpha Theta
  • Got Your 6

Media Appearances (8)

SUU History day; a faith-promoting founding and a symbol of community spirit

St George News  online


The story is a message about the close relationship between the local community and the university, history professor Laura Davis said. “Without the support and commitment of Cedar City residents, Branch Normal School would have never opened in 1897,” Davis explained. “These close ties have continued over the years as both the college and the city grew and expanded. They still remain strong to this day, to the benefit of everyone.”

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Golden Spike Day; The Sesquicentennial of a Transportation Marvel That Unified the Nation

St. George News  online


“The U.S. government wanted to bridge the gap between the rising populations of the West with the more established East,” Davis explained. “The process of planning a transcontinental railroad, selecting a route and actually building it took a long time, especially as politicians could not agree on a route.”

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Meet the SUU Women's Network

SUU Blog  online


This spring, the Southern Utah University Women’s Network (SUUWN) is continuing its initiative to promote education and professional development through a variety of events, panels, and conversations. As an affiliate of the Utah Women in Higher Education Network (UWHEN), SUUWN provides opportunities for professional support among all women on SUU's campus, celebrating success, perpetuating laudable campus traditions, and advocating for the institutions' female employees concerning issues relevant to their campus experience, professional development and satisfaction as a members of this community.

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Black History Month at SUU

SUU News  online


Each year, Southern Utah University embraces the tradition of celebrating Black History Month. From February 1 through February 27, films, performances and presentations will be offered to honor historic leaders of the black community, create awareness of other minorities and look forward to a brighter, more inclusive future. All events are open to the public.

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Omega Chi Celebrates Centennial



Donna Miller Barsotti, Omega Chi House Corporation president, and Omega Chi alumnae Nancy Law and Lindsay Liotta Forness spearheaded the organization of a luncheon, reception, and take-home gift bags, which included a chapter history written by Omega Chi alumna Laura Davis Benson, assistant professor of history at Southern Utah University.

Assassins Takes SUU Back in American History

SUU News  online


Due to the sensitive content of this production, the Department of Theatre Arts & Dance has arranged three pre-show talks to be held prior to the performances. These talks will feature Dr. Laura Davis, Assistant Professor of History at SUU, Dr. Earl Mulderink, Professor of History at SUU, and Dr. Michelle Orihel, Associate Professor of History at SUU.

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Historical Penicillin: 2017 McMullen Naval History Symposium Recap

Naval Historical Foundation  online


The entire panel on “Shipboard Conflict in Mid-19th Century America” was a revelation. Conference veteran Laura June Davis of Southern Utah University piqued the interest of a packed room of attendees with her discussion on naval dueling in the Antebellum Navy that went far beyond the famous 1820 Decatur-Barron duel.

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Interview with Laura June Davis

SUU Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning  

Interview with Laura June Davis on SUU Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning's podcast.

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Articles (6)

Wounded Warriors: Civil War Amputation

The Civil War Monitor


In the heat of battle, Civil War doctors often had to make quick diagnoses of soldiers’ injuries. According to The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion, 1861-65, 70% of all wounds were to the extremities—35.6% to the upper extremities and 35.2% to the lower extremities. These statistics help explain why surgeons performed so many battlefield amputations; if they couldn’t save the limb, they wanted at least to save the soldier’s life.

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John Mackie: The Man and the Memory

The Civil War Monitor


One rarely thinks of the United States Marine Corps and the Civil War in the same thought. Given their small size and limited service, this is not really surprising. And yet hidden away in a rarely visited section of the Richmond National Battlefield Park—Drewry’s Bluff—sits an interpretative marker honoring Corporal John F. Mackie. (At least the marker was there five years ago.)

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Irregular Naval Warfare on the Lower Mississippi River

The Guerrilla Hunters: Exploring the Civil War’s Irregular Conflicts

Edited by Barton Myers and Brian McKnight

With a foreword by Kenneth W. Noe and an afterword by Daniel E. Sutherland, this collection represents an impressive array of the foremost experts on guerrilla fighting in the Civil War.

Kappa Delta Omega Chi Chapter, 1917-2017

Celebrating 100 Years of Sisterhood at Cornell University

Ithaca: Omega Chi Chapter of Kappa Delta, 2017

Corsairs, Commerce Raiders, and River Pirates: International Piracy in the 19th Century

SUU International Week Presentation


SUU International Week presentation

A New Style of Rebel Warfare: The Rise of Mississippi River Boat Burners

Loudon County Civil War Roundtable


An invited guest talk for the Loudon County Civil War Roundtable, June 2017.

Courses (6)

HIST 1700 American Civilizations

The fundamentals of American history including political, economic, and social development of American institutions and ideas. *Successful completion of this course meets the American Institutions requirement established by the state legislature.

HIST 3620 Afro-American History from Colonialism to 1877

A survey of the changing roles, experiences and contributions of Afro-Americans to American history from the 17th century to Reconstruction. Designed to introduce the student to some of the major issues in Afro-American history and to understand how changes in Afro-American lives are related to other changes in American history.

HIST 4730 United States 1845-1898

A study of American expansion and its contributions to sectional rivalry leading to the Civil War. The Civil War and Reconstruction and the rise of corporate industry to a position of dominance in American life, and the emergence of the United States as a world power through industrial growth and imperial war are studied.

SOSC 4900 Teaching Social Science Subjects

Problems, concepts, methods, and objective of teaching social science subjects in the areas of history, political science, sociology, and economics.

HONR 1040 Honors Foundations

Students will be introduced to and explore the fundamental skill-sets required to succeed as students at Southern Utah University and in the SUU Honors Program by developing an understanding of the complete student experience at college and the interdisciplinary nature of an Honors education. The class will emphasize seminar-style discussions and teamwork, develop students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and explore issues related to holistic student health and well being.

WGS 2010 Intro to Women/Gender Studies

The course explores women’s and gender experiences/issues from interdisciplinary perspectives while acquainting students with the major theories and debates of feminist and gender scholarship.