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Laura  Killam - Cambrian College. Sudbury, ON, CA

Laura Killam Laura  Killam

Registered Nurse/Nursing Professor | Cambrian College

Sudbury, ON, CANADA

Passionate about personal development, nursing, research, supporting student success, innovative teaching, and relationship development.








Laura is a Registered Nurse and a Researcher in the School of Health Sciences and Emergency Services.

With a philosophy of 'ace nursing with ease' - she explains complex topics like research, the nursing process and more clearly so students can focus on studying and learning what they need.

A nurse herself, Laura is passionate about supporting nursing students in their education.

Laura recognizes that modern technology and tools like YouTube can be used as an innovative and on-demand teaching tool.

In 2011 she started using YouTube videos to flip the classroom. It is not always possible to find other videos that deliver the exact message she preferred and has gone on develop her own personalized YouTube Channel as an effective and mobile teaching tool

From September to June she produces and post videos bi-weekly based on topic requests from students.

Videos come complete with study tips, focused explanation of areas to study for exams and helpful discussion questions to help students remember and apply what they need to know.

As a professor Laura Killam knows what teachers expect, which is why this channel cuts down study time while helping you get a higher mark.

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Training and Development

Health Care - Providers

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Professional Ethics

Research Methodologies

Knowledge Application

Student Success

Innovating Learning

Nursing Education


Registered Nurse

Education (2)

Laurentian University: Bachelor of Science, Nursing 2007

Laurentian University: Nursing, Master of Science 2010

Killam, L. A. (2010). Exploring the Nature of Clinical Safety in Undergraduate Nursing Education: A Q methodology study (Master's thesis). Sudbury, Ontario: Laurentian University.

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Cambrian College Nursing Professors and Student contribute

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An article authored by Laura Killam, Cambrian College Nursing professor, and Corey Heerschap, a fourth-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) student, is being published in Nursing Education Today, a leading international journal for expert research. The article, “Challenges to student learning in the clinical setting: A qualitative descriptive study,” outlines areas of nursing education that postsecondary institutions can improve to help students maximize their learning in the clinical setting.