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Leesa Renee Hall  - Toronto, ON, CA

Leesa Renee Hall Leesa Renee Hall

Anti-Bias Facilitator |

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Helping leaders unpack implicit and unconscious bias so they stop the spread of self-misinformation and start creating inclusive teams.



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What a 14-Hour Roadtrip Can Teach You About the Importance of Planning




Leesa Renee Hall is an author, anti-bias facilitator, and social historian. Author of Unpack Biases Now, a workbook designed to help leaders unpack their unconscious biases, Leesa’s tips have been featured in The Guardian, American Express OPEN, Globe & Mail, Choice, Ottawa Citizen, Toronto Star, Profit, and Inc. to name a few, along with television, radio and podcast appearances.

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Social Media



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Systemic Discrimination


Unconscious Bias

Implicit Bias


Historical Research

Fake History

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Harry Jerome Award for Excellence in Technology & Innovation (professional)


The Black Business & Professional Association (BBPA) recognizes African-Canadian leaders who have excelled in the 20 different fields. I was recognized for my contributions to technology. The award is named after Harry Jerome, an African-Canadian track and field runner, a seven-time world record holder in the 100m.

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University of Toronto (OISE): Masters, History

Completed one year, but then innovation came calling, so I did not complete the degree.

York University: Bachelor of Arts (Honours), History 1997

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Toronto Artist Features African-Canadian Excellence in STEAM in Legacy Poster

Toronto Caribbean Newspaper  print


Everyone must leave something behind when they depart from this world. The greatest legacy that we can pass on to the next generation is not money or other material things that we have accumulated throughout our lives, but rather a legacy of knowledge, understanding and solutions to the challenges that we have faced during our time in existence. Every February Black History Month is observed throughout North America. Also, known as African-American History Month, it is a remembrance of important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. Black History Month festivities and celebrations are celebrated throughout the month and many community organizations have chosen to carry on the message of their ancestors throughout the entire year. For the past twenty-three years, local Toronto artist Robert Small has presented his own legacy in the form of his Black History Month Legacy Poster. Using his god given talent of artistry and mastery of the paintbrush Robert has produced paintings every year featuring African-Canadians who have excelled in a variety of fields.

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Opinion: Systemic Bias vs Implicit Bias: Why the Difference Matters When Reviewing the Report by the Ontario Human Rights Commission on Racial Profiling by the Toronto Police Services

Medium  online


The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) released an interim report in December 2018 looking at racial profiling and discrimination by Toronto police toward the city’s black community. Although the light is being shed on implicit and unconscious biases with the Toronto Police Department (TPD), understanding the difference between systemic and unconscious biases is critical to knowing that this problem is for all of us to solve.

Opinion Piece on Ontario Human RIghts report

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Knitting website's war on Trump forces crafting community to confront racism

The Guardian  online


The knitting community may be seen as apolitical, but a conversation has been building over race, hate speech and the president of the United States writes Kari Paul for The Guardian. Leesa was quoted as part of this article.

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