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Leigh Ashton - The Sales Consultancy. London, , GB

Leigh Ashton

Managing Director | The Sales Consultancy


Vastly experienced speaker specialising in the psychology of selling and communication

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Knowing your Customers' Pains and Gains

At one level we are motivated by only two things; pain and pleasure. We constantly seek to minimise one and maximise the other. Check now that you have it the right way round! Think of an outcome you want in either the short or the long term, what makes this outcome so attractive to you? What will getting this outcome do for you? Will it give you pleasure or will it move you away from pain and discomfort? Ask someone how they got their current job. Some people will talk about being unhappy in their old job, the unattractive alternatives etc., whilst others will relate how they had seen this job as having all the qualities they wanted. Ask about how a person came to buy their current car. Was it because of their dissatisfaction with their old car, other models etc., or did they decide that this was the one for them because ..... If you are thinking that "moving towards" is positive and therefore good and "away from" is negative and bad, think again. Imagine being in a burning building - it might be useful to have a moving away from strategy here. Like other Meta Programmes, towards and away from are just ways of being and are in themselves neither good nor bad. Think of spending a day out in the countryside with no cars, people etc. for miles. It is a quiet day with the birds singing and perhaps there is a lake where you can have a nice picnic. How does this seem - well if it is a nice day it could be wonderful but what if it's pouring down with rain, the car has broken down and you haven't a coat. Thus, depending upon circumstances, one strategy might be more useful or appropriate than another. When setting your goals it is far more useful to move towards what you want than away from what you don't want. If you want to give something up (smoking, sweets etc.) by knowing your strategy you can enhance your ability to affect your willpower i.e. if you tend to move towards think of the benefits which you will get when you have given up, make those images big and



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