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Leonard Shyles, PhD - Villanova University. Villanova , PA, US

Leonard Shyles, PhD Leonard Shyles, PhD

Associate Professor of Communication | College of Liberal Arts and Sciences | Villanova University


Leonard Shyles, PhD, is an expert in media industries in the digital age.



Leonard Shyles, PhD Publication Leonard Shyles, PhD Publication Leonard Shyles, PhD Publication Leonard Shyles, PhD Publication Leonard Shyles, PhD Publication




Would a The 2016 Election: Candidates’ Unfavorable Ratings – Len Shyles Artisan Workshop Steve Rogers



Areas of Expertise (5)

Communication Communication Research Media and Politics Theories of Mass Media Media Industries in the Digital Age


Dr. Shyles is the go-to source for insight and commentary on the societal shift from traditional media to digital. He can discuss the pitfalls and triumphs of this fundamental change in the communication landscape and what it portends for the future of the news business. Dr. Shyles is also an authority on communication research, the media and politics, and mass media theory.

Education (3)

The Ohio State University: PhD

City University of New York at Brooklyn College: MS

City University of New York at Brooklyn College: BA

Select Accomplishments (7)

“Artisan Workshop: Steve Rogers" (professional)

Written, produced and directed by Shyles, this episode in his ongoing "The Artisan Workshop" series presents a primer on painting by contemporary, veteran marine-artist, Steve Rogers. In this episode, Steve displays his painting process from initial concept to finished work. It also features a biography of the artist, and his advice to aspiring painters.
The purpose of the series is to “… reveal the creative process of artists and artisans at work.”

Writer-Producer-Director-Editor (professional)

Seventeen short subject how-to videos ranging in length from five minutes to over twenty minutes commissioned by artisan-craftsman Harry Havnoonian, custom bike-frame designer and entrepreneur in Media PA. All these videos are accessible online at YouTube and at hhbicycles.net. Some have received over 80,000 “hits” on YouTube.

Executive Producer (professional)

Villanova University Production Awards program to celebrate best student productions of the year. Done on a semester basis with students as crew and talent, featuring student work.

WETA, Ch. 26 Television Independent Production Award (professional)

"Jock of Outrages" cultural documentary.

"Outstanding Young Men of America" (personal)

Elected 1983.

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society (personal)

Elected 1979.

Writer-Producer-Director (professional)

“Artisan Workshop: Steve Rogers.” (2018) A new episode in Shyles' "Artisan Workshop" series. The Artisan Workshop: Steve Rogers presents a primer on painting by contemporary, veteran marine-artist, Steve Rogers. In this episode, Steve displays his painting process from initial concept to finished work.
This episode also features a biography of the artist, and his advice to aspiring painters.

Select Media Appearances (6)

Brian Williams Opens Up About Regaining Viewers’ Trust After Scandal

Variety  online


In an era that may as well have ended with the election of Donald Trump as President, Williams’ journalistic sin seemed more egregious. But that time is past. Now, as Trump rails daily against what he terms “fake news” and offers much of it himself, Williams’ error may recede in some viewers’ minds.
“The American public is often forgetful, and forgiving, but within limits,” says Len Shyles, a communications professor at Villanova University.

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Villanova University Professor Looks Back As We Look Ahead To November

CBS' KYW Radio, Philadelphia  radio


A Villanova University professor who specializes in political campaigns, is weighing in on the two presumed presidential candidates and their unfavorable numbers.
Communications professor Doctor Len Shyles said the unfavorable ratings of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has not been seen in decades.

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2014 Academy Awards: Why Hollywood is taking a walk on the dark side

The Christian Science Monitor  online


A quick glance at some of this year’s Academy Award-nominated films ­– “12 Years a Slave,” “Wolf of Wall Street,” “American Hustle,” and “Dallas Buyers Club” – and it’s pretty clear that these days Hollywood is taking a walk on the dark side.

“Some of these films are truly hard on many people’s sensibilities,” says Len Shyles, communications professor at Villanova University in Philadelphia. There are differences, however, between the films, he is quick to point out.

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Vergara v. California: Do state laws protect teacher jobs over students?

The Christian Science Monitor  online


A high-profile trial, opening this week in the California Superior Court for Los Angeles County, could set a precedent for school districts across the country that are dealing with ineffective teachers.
“The situation in California is fraught with intransigence on both sides, in part because there are currently few, if any, clear and demonstrably valid operational definitions of what constitutes good teaching,” says Len Shyles, professor of communication at Villanova University in Villanova, Pa.
One reason interested parties may be reluctant to spell out operational guidelines is “because they are afraid to be held to public account," he adds. "It is a fear object for stakeholders, including both administrators and teachers, many of whom may be justifiably wary of a system being used to punish perceived enemies and settle scores among individuals who feel they have been wronged, etc."

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JFK 50 years ago: Four days that changed America

The Orange County (CA) Register  online


Nearly every person old enough to recall Nov. 22, 1963, remembers how they heard the news – from a co-worker, a teacher, a stranger at a coffee shop.
The Nielsen ratings company estimated that more than 80 percent of television sets in the country were tuned to the funeral Monday. The event became a shared experience for an entire generation.
“This is the highest calling of the medium,” said Leonard Shyles, a professor of media and communication at Villanova University. “They show us what we would see if we were there ourselves. It unifies a cultural perspective for the participants.”


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Hey, Paul Ryan, you should have embraced your meme

The Washington Post  online


Hey, Rep. Paul Ryan, you made a mistake.
Didn’t you know that dissing a meme is a very bad move in the 21st century?
Len Shyles, professor of mass media in Department of Communication at Villanova University, echoes that sentiment.
“It’s normal everyday politics that are now being done in memes,” he said.
Hey, Paul Ryan, get used to it.

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Research Grants (2)

"Improving pilot efficiency in the age of the glass cockpit"

US Airforce Office of Scientific Research 

Summer grant. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio, July 1990.

"Designing effective advertising for enlisted retention"

Army Research Institute 

Social and Behavioral Science delivered through the Consortium of Colleges of the Greater Washington Area, 1987.

Select Academic Articles (5)

Deployment of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in democratic states vs. authoritarian regimes: What difference does it make? Proceedings: Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly

Shyles, Len; Posner, M.; Lee, Erickson

Annual Meeting, Singapore, May 2016, pp. 91-110.

Face it: The Impact of Gender on Social Media Images Communication Quarterly

Rose, Jessica A.; Mackey-Kallis, Susan; Shyles, Len; Barry, Kelly E.; Biagini, Danielle C.; Hart, Colleen M; Jack, Lauren N.


US Teenagers’ Perceptions and Awareness of Digital Technology: A Focus Group Approach New Media and Society

Hundley, Heather; and Shyles, Leonard


Blaming computers for our own data diet The Review of Communication.

Shyles, Leonard

Vol 1, pp 108-114, 2001

The 1000 Hour War: Communication in the Gulf Greenwood Press

McCain, Thomas A., Shyles, Leonard, (eds.)

Westport, Connecticut, 1994.