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Liliana Trevani, PhD - University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Oshawa, ON, CA

Liliana Trevani, PhD Liliana Trevani, PhD

Associate Professor, Chemistry, Faculty of Science | University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Oshawa, ON, CANADA

Award-winning, international physical chemistry researcher developing new techniques for high temperature electrochemistry



An Associate Professor of Chemistry in the Faculty of Science, Liliana Trevani, PhD is conducting research abroad, developing new experimental methods in differential electrochemical mass spectrometry and completing two manuscripts. She returns to UOIT in July after spending eight months splitting her time between Argentina’s National Atomic Energy Commission and the Universidad de Buenos Aires.

She joined UOIT in 2009 as an Assistant Professor and was appointed Undergraduate Program Director of Chemistry in 2014 for a one-year term, before being named to her current role. Previously, she was a Senior Research Associate in the Graduate Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Guelph. Her research career has spanned more than three decades and as many continents. She moved to Canada from Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2000, after serving as a Research Associate in Inorganic Chemistry, and Analytical and Physical Chemistry in the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Her first teaching and research role came as a Visiting Scientist appointment in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Oxford in England. Previously, her she spent eight years in industrial research and development focused on applied electrochemistry in the areas of corrosion protective coatings and electrochemical sensors, as well as textile materials at the Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Initially drawn to geochemistry and field work, her lab experiences helped guide her towards pure chemistry. She obtained her Bachelor’s Equivalent in Chemistry, and her Doctorate in Physical Chemistry at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and completed a post-doctoral in Physical Chemistry at Memorial University in Newfoundland.

Industry Expertise (6)




Environmental Services

Laboratory Services


Areas of Expertise (9)


Hydrothermal Chemistry

Materials Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Supercritical Fluids


Thermodynamic Properties

Electrochemical Systems

Chemical Synthesis and Catalysis

Accomplishments (6)

2012 Akiyama Medal, International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE 20) 2012 Power Conference (professional)


Dr. Trevani received the Akiyama Medal at the ICONE 20 2012 Power Conference for the best paper in the Student Track entitled Developing Heat-Transfer Correlations for Supercritical CO2 Flowing in Vertical Bare Tubes. ICONE is world’s largest annual international nuclear/thermal engineering conference.

Poster Award, 24th Canadian Thermal Analysis Society Workshop and Exhibition (professional)


Awarded for her co-authored poster entitled: Nanocrystalline Cellulose Carbon Modified Paste Electrochemical Sensors.

Best Undergraduate Poster Award, 96th Canadian Chemistry Conference & Exhibition (professional)


Awarded for her co-authored poster entitled: High Specific Surface Area Catalyst Produced by Replication of Bacterial Cellulose Microarchitecture.

Poster Award, 23rd Canadian Thermal Analysis Society Workshop and Exhibition (professional)


Awarded for her co-authored poster entitled: Replication of Bacterial Cellulose Nanoarchitecture with Metal Oxide Catalysts Utilizing a Facile Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Aided Method.

Poster Award, 21st Canadian Thermal Analysis Society Workshop and Exhibition (professional)


Awarded for her co-authored poster entitled Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes Using a Supercritical Fluid Sol-Gel Aided Method.

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Memorial University of Newfoundland (professional)


For three years, Dr. Trevani completed work as a Post-Doctoral fellow in Physical Chemistry at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Education (2)

Universidad de Buenos Aires: PhD, Physical Chemistry 1997

Universidad de Buenos Aires: Bachelor's Equivalent, Chemistry 1982

Affiliations (2)

  • Canadian Chemical Society
  • American Chemical Society

Languages (4)

  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Castilian

Event Appearances (5)

Evaluation of glucose doped TiO2/carbon electrocatalyst supports for fuel cell applications (NATAS Paper Travel Award)

43rd Annual North American Thermal Analysis Society  Montreal, QB.


Glucose doped TiO2/carbon electrocatalyst supports for PEMFCs

98th Canadian Chemistry Conference & Exhibition  Ottawa, Canada


Hydrogen: Can we close the loop?

Joint Chemistry / Physics Astronomy Seminar Programme  Peterborough, ON.


Carbon black/TiO2 supports for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells

24th CTAS Annual Workshop and Exhibition  Mississauga, ON.


Thermochemical production of hydrogen: decomposition of copper oxychloride

22nd Canadian Thermal Analysis Society Workshop and Exhibition  Mississauga, ON.


Articles (5)

Complexation in the Cu (II)–LiCl–H 2 O system at temperatures to 423K by UV-Visible spectroscopy International Journal of Hydrogen Energy


Thermodynamic data for the solubility and formation of copper (I) and copper (II) species are required to model innovative designs of the electrolysis cells used in the thermochemical copper-chloride hydrogen production process. Cumulative formation constants of Cu2+ ...

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Spectrophotometric determination of the ionization constants of aqueous nitrophenols at temperatures up to 225 C Journal of Solution Chemistry


The UV-visible spectra of aqueous o-, m-, and p-nitrophenol were measured as a function of pH at temperatures from 50 to 225° C at a pressure of 7 MPa. These were used to determine equilibrium constants for the acid ionization reaction of each isomer. The new ...

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Apparent and standard partial molar volumes of NaCl, NaOH, and HCl in water and heavy water at T= 523 K and 573 K at p= 14 MPa The Journal of Physical Chemistry B


Apparent molar volumes, V ϕ, 2, of aqueous NaCl, NaOH, NaOD, HCl, and DCl in water and heavy water were determined at T= 523 and 573 K and p= 14 MPa with a high-temperature platinum vibrating-tube densimeter in the aquamolality range 0.25≤ m aq≤ 2.5 mol⊙...

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Ionization constants of aqueous amino acids at temperatures up to 250 C using hydrothermal pH indicators and UV-visible spectroscopy Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta


Ionization constants for several simple amino acids have been measured for the first time under hydrothermal conditions, using visible spectroscopy with a high-temperature, high-pressure flow cell and thermally stable colorimetric pH indicators. This method minimizes ...

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Ionization Constants of Aqueous Glycolic Acid at Temperatures up to 250∘ C Using Hydrothermal pH Indicators and UV-Visible Spectroscopy Journal of Solution Chemistry


Chemical equilibrium constants for the ionization of aqueous glycolic acid (hydroxyacetic acid, HOCH 2 COOH) have been measured at temperatures 25–250∘ C and pressure p= 4.5 MPa, using UV-visible spectroscopy with a high-pressure flow cell and ...

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