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Linda Mullen - Georgia Southern University. Statesboro, GA, US

Linda Mullen

Associate Professor | Georgia Southern University


Linda Mullen's research interests are in the area of consumer behavior, white collar crime, pedagogy, and sales



Linda G. Mullen is an associate professor of marketing who joined the faculty at Georgia Southern University in August 2004. Her teaching is in the areas of general marketing, sales, advanced sales and sales management. She teaches the sales classes face-to-face and has taught sales management online. Advanced sales classes give students interested in a sales career the opportunity to become academically certified in “SPIN SELLING.” Students have the opportunity to compete in sales competitions and several career fairs through the classes. Mullen recently returned from Ireland in a student travel abroad semester.

Research interests are in the area of consumer behavior, white collar crime, pedagogy, and sales. Her research has been published in Marketing Education Review, Journal of Marketing Education, The CPA Journal, Journal of Forensic Studies in Accounting and Business, and Journal of International Case Studies.

Service includes co-director of the Center for Sales Excellence and Faculty Senate. Dr. Mullen also advises Beta Gamma Sigma and Sigma Phi Epsilon.

Honors and Awards include Dean’s Citation for Student Engagement; Nominated for Georgia Southern University Award for Excellence in Contributions to Instruction; Brown & Williamson Faculty Award; University of Georgia Fellows Teaching Award; Innovations in Teaching Strategies Retreat – Center for Excellence in Teaching; and Member Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society.

Areas of Expertise (6)

Sales Management


White Collar Crime

Consumer Behavior


General Marketing

Accomplishments (5)

Sales Education Foundation: Center for Sales Excellence -Award as a top Sales Center in the country

2012 - 2015

Center for Sales Excellence chosen to host CH Robinson’s Southeast Regional Meeting


Region III National Excellence Award for Service-Learning (Awarded to University as part of Fellowship Group)


Nominated for First Year Experience Faculty Teaching Award


Faculty Service Awards $1,000


Education (3)

Southern Illinois University: Ph.D., Marketing 2005

Southern Illinois University: M.B.A., Marketing 1997

Western Michigan University: B.A., Communications 1976

Articles (5)

Increased word‐of‐mouth via strategic cause‐related marketing

International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing

Michael Lee Thomas, Linda Greef Mullen, John Fraedrich

2011 This research examines word‐of‐mouth (WOM) promotions as an additional consequence of a successful cause‐related marketing (CRM) partnership. Firms properly aligned in CRM partnerships should increase positive feelings that can translate into positive WOM from the public. WOM efforts should be considered in marketing campaigns to develop successful long‐term CRM strategies. Additionally, carefully planned CRM campaigns with positive WOM give firms a competitive advantage without the backlash of consumer skepticism often reported when firms attempt to manipulate WOM campaigns. This study is grounded in associative learning theory which provides support for the strengthened associative links between firm and charity when the relationship is properly aligned. This empirical study suggests that strategically aligned CRM relationships can improve positive WOM recommendations. Results of ANOVA and factor analysis indicate that consumers are more receptive to CRM partnerships that consist of compatibility between firm and charity that persist over time. Results suggest that consumers are more likely to recommend the more properly aligned partnerships to others.

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Successful cause-related marketing partnering as a means to aligning corporate and philanthropic goals: an empirical study

Academy of Marketing Studies Journal

Michael L Thomas, John P Fraedrich, Linda G Mullen

2011 The results indicate that the overall model of antecedents and consequences of CRM relationships has excellent fit, and both antecedents, relationship compatibility and longevity of relationship, are indicators of the strength of the brand/cause relationship. Additionally, increased positive Word-of-mouth and improved brand image are fully supported as consequences of a strong brand/cause relationship. Finally, improved firm image and increased purchase likelihood are partially supported as consequences.

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Designing Process-Oriented Guided-Inquiry Activities: A New Innovationl for Marketing Classes

Marketing Education Review

Dena Hale, Linda Greef Mullen

2009 In this study, a student-centered learning style is introduced to the marketing discipline. Process Oriented-Guided Inquiry Learning, or POGIL, has been used extensively by the organic science courses schools across the nation. The POGIL technique is student-focused and engages the student aurally, visually, and tacitly, making it practical for all learning styles. Students become active, rather than passive learners. This innovative teaching method has reduced absenteeism, motivated students to be active learners, and increased student performance in our classes. This study is the first POGIL study to be conducted in marketing, or any other social science discipline.

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Incorporating the Google Online Marketing Challenge into Classes

Panel at the Marketing Educators’ Association Conference

Jamie Murphy, Sven Tuzovic, Peter Ling, Linda Mullen


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Illegal questioning: A study of marketing students’ recent interview experiences during their career searches

Journal for the Advancement of Marketing Education

Linda Greef Mullen, Ramendra Thakur, Kyle Hensel

2007 This study presents marketing students’ interviews, relevant marketing literature, and survey results collected from a group of undergraduate marketing students represented by four universities throughout the United States. Specifically, this study examined whether marketing students were asked illegal questions during their most recent face-to-face interviews and the students’ reactions to these questions. The results suggested that, overall, the students from the four universities are being asked illegal questions during job interviews and, surprisingly, are not uncomfortable being asked inappropriate and often illegal questions. Discussed are reasons why students appeared to be unconcerned about answering questions with potential legal ramifications.

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