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Linda Naiman - Creativity at Work. Vancouver, Canada Area, BC, CA

Linda Naiman

Founder & President | Creativity at Work

Vancouver, Canada Area, BC, CANADA

Design Thinking, Arts in Business, Leadership Development, Creativity and Innovation skills development, Coaching, Training, Facilitating





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Linda Naiman helps executives and their teams develop creativity, innovation, and leadership capabilities, through coaching, training and consulting. She brings a multi-disciplinary approach to learning and development by leveraging arts-based practices to foster creativity at work, and design thinking as a strategy for innovation. Clients range from Fortune 500 companies to startups. Linda is founder of Creativity at Work and co-author of Orchestrating Collaboration at Work. She is a graduate of California College of the Arts, and Emily Carr Institute of art and design. Her mission is to liberate creativity at work, and make life, and work, a work of art.

Organisations which have sought out Linda for her expertise include the US Navy, American Express, RBC, AstraZeneca, BASF and Intel.

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Professional Training and Coaching

Corporate Leadership

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Design Thinking

arts based learning

Leadership Development

Coaching & Leadership

Creativity & Innovation in the Workplace

Creating A Culture for Innovation

Creativity and Innovation

Teamwork - Team Building

Teamwork & Collaboration

Accomplishments (4)

Orchestrating Collaboration at Work Using Music, Improv, Storytelling, and Other Arts to Improve Teamwork (professional)


Orchestrating Collaboration at Work is the first comprehensive training activity book incorporating arts-based processes for business education. It has been cited in numerous academic publications and has become a best-seller on Amazon. It was co-authored with Arthur B VanGundy and was originally published by Wiley

Pioneering arts-based learning in business and government (professional)

Since founding Creativity at Work, I have given talks or workshops on arts-based learning in North America, Argentina, the UK, Europe, Singapore, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

Director (professional)


Member of the Board of Directors of the Vancouver Biennale The Vancouver Biennale is a non-profit charitable organization that exhibits great art in public space, creating a catalyst for learning, community engagement, dialogue, and social action. Our mission is to make Public Art accessible, engaging, and motivating to create vibrant and inspired communities.

Columnist (professional)


I cover topics related to creativity, innovation and leadership.

Education (2)

California College of the Arts: BFA, Fine Arts

Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design: Diploma, Graphic Design

Affiliations (2)

  • CSTC (Creative Skills Training Council)

Testimonials (4)

Dr. Knut Zoellner, Vice President, Technology, Innovation | BASF Polyurethane Specialties (China)

Innovation is the key to the company’s future success and the global race for innovation is getting intense. The innovation workshop is really inspiring and engaging as it guides us through different skills and tool kits to explore the potential power of our minds and shows us how to lead the product innovation to business success.

S.H. Huber, Commander, Pt Hueneme Division, US Navy | Leadership Symposium

Thank you for taking the time to speak at our second annual Leadership Symposium. Your topic “Creativity at Work: Principles and Practices” was both interesting and insightful. I am confident that our leadership came away with valuable tools they can use in developing their personal leadership skills.

Andreas Fischer, Senior Vice President Customer Relations Management, Business Unit, High Performance Polymers | Degussa HPP

Our company has a mandate to accelerate business growth through innovation and in order to reach our targets we recognised the need for skills development in creativity. We asked Linda Naiman to conduct a creativity workshop at our global meeting for our Business Unit team of chemists, engineers and marketers, to inspire creative thinking, introduce idea generation methodologies, and develop a set of tangible ideas for new products and services. Linda offered us a challenging, unusual approach to creativity, which was highly valuable for me. While some skeptics in the audience made it a real challenge for Linda, she mastered it extremely well and provided all of us with highly valuable insights. We now have a set of principles and practices

Albert Gibson, R&D Manager | Multinational food and beverage company

You are involved in a truly pioneering effort to help us keep the personal, ‘heart matters’ in the foreground as we manage our increasingly ‘technical’ business. Successful pioneering in our own industry starts with the sharing of a new, different, and compelling corporate vision..Your work with us showed this so well, and your quote from Gandhi –“If you want something really important to be done you must not merely satisfy the reason, you must satisfy the heart also” — echoes the learning. For those who would ask, ‘… and just how does art benefit my business, I would offer, “If your business has important, pioneering work to do, then develop artful capabilities in your associates just as well as technical skills.

Media Appearances (4)

Fine arts degrees open doors

The Star  print


Linda Naiman, owner of Creativity at Work in Vancouver, has brought the skills from her fine arts background into big-business boardrooms all over the world. The job title on Naiman’s website reads “

“How budget cuts could kick-start creativity in the public sector.

The Globe and Mail  print


The signs were clear. A staggering deficit. A probable Conservative majority. Funding cuts to the arts were certain. Two questions remained: How significant the cuts? And, how to cope? Managers at Canadian Heritage knew they were going to need some creative ideas to guide them through the coming transition. So they called Linda Naiman, founder of Creativity at Work. Ms. Naiman’s business card sports the title “corporate alchemist,” but the former advertising designer is better described as an expert in fostering creativity in the workplace. “[Canadian Heritage]was anticipating massive cutbacks,” she recalls, skimming through documents she prepared for the department’s seminars last year. “They specifically wanted a session on creativity, resilience and navigating change. To be resilient in times of transition, you need improvisational skills, resourcefulness − all those things that are part of being creative.”

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Town Talk

Vancouver Sun  print


NO EAU: Watercolour, not crayon, is the style Creativity at Work founder-principal Linda Naiman simulates by manipulating digital photos. Her revamped portrait of Vancouver Biennale’s open-air museum coordinator Ammar Mahimwala was top-rated in Intracorp’s #MeetMeAtTheTree contest. Submitted images had to include Douglas Coupland’s golden sculpture of Stanley Park’s hollow tree at the developer’s MC2 project at SW Marine Drive and Cambie. Linda Naiman showed a digitally derived apparent watercolour painting of Vancouver Biennale museum coordinator Ammar Mahimwala. MALCOLM PARRY / PNG

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Creativity Works column: How Lehigh Valley companies can use employee ideas to drive revenue

The Morning Call  print

Linda Naiman, founder of the Vancouver, Canada-based workplace consultant Creativity at Work, "For innovation to truly flourish, organizations must create an environment that fosters creativity; bringing together multi-talented groups of people who work in close collaboration together — exchanging knowledge, ideas, and shaping the direction of the company's future."

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Sample Talks (1)

Alchemy of Leadership (Transformational Leadership)

How do you transform the ordinary into the extraordinary? Immerse yourself in ideas, thinking processes and strategies used by leading innovators in business, art and science. Discover how art and design can be used as a catalyst for transformation and how collaborative thinking processes can lead to creative breakthroughs. Learn key principles, practices and tools you can apply to create a workplace environment where creativity and sustained innovation flourish.



  • Panelist
  • Workshop Leader
  • Corporate Training


2500 to 20000

Articles (1)

Cultivating Creativity at Work


This column is published approx twice a month, covering creativity at work, innovation, arts-based learning, and design thinking.

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