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Linda A. Janssen

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Outgoing, engaging and empathetic speaker who weaves together personal experience, knowledge, research and examples to engage expats, parent

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Challenges and Opportunities of Expat Life

Importance of Emotional Resilience in Expat Life

Live Your Best Expat Life

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Importance of Emotional Resilience in Expat Life

Living abroad certainly offers many benefits and opportunities for personal and professional growth, but certain challenges do exist. Expats and others living cross-culturally can experience disorientation, loneliness and alienation as they transition from one culture/country to another. Enhancing your level of emotional resilience is instrumental in navigating the changes inherent in expat life. Don't settle for 'biding your time' and living what feels like a life apart, waiting for things to get better or your next move. Let's explore together ways to develop and strengthen your emotional resilience to help you transition successfully and build the meaningful life you desire and deserve.


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